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LED Chip Epistar Smd 2835

LED Chip Epistar Smd 2835

1 ) Replacement to incandescent, halogen, energy saving lamp and metal halide lamp
2 ) meeting rooms/school classrooms/office buildings
3 ) hospitals/factories/hotel
4 ) supermarkets/home lighting
5 ) other commercial and residential place

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Product Details

 2835 SMD LED Chip 

Professional Super Bright SMD 5050 3528 5730 2835 Light Emitting LED Chip Lamps Available Viewing Angle 120°.jpg

2835 is the lamp power chip super bright LEDs, 0.1W 0.2W and 0.5W. because of its size is 2.8 (long) * 3.5 (wide) x 0.8 (mm thick), so in accordance with the patch size named LED beads method, named 2835 beads.

Power: 0.1W, white / Blue / green and other voltages: 2.8-3.6V, red and yellow voltage 1.8-2.3V. Current 30mA, white light luminous flux 10-15LM.

Power: 0.2W, white / Blue / green and other voltages: 2.8-3.6V, red and yellow voltage 1.8-2.3V. Current 60mA, white light luminous flux 20-25LM.

Power: 0.5W, white / Blue / green and other voltages: 2.8-3.6V, red and yellow voltage 1.8-2.3V. Current 150mA, white light luminous flux 50-60LM.

2835 warm white / white light (2700-6500K): the luminous flux of 20-22 lumens 2835 patches is the upgraded product after 3014, with better comprehensive performance and more competitive market. 2835 of the PCB and 3528 are different, but can also be replaced, and the brightness and heat dissipation are better than 3528. This has been widely used in LED, the 2835 industry has become the fluorescent lamp bulb, panel lights, lamp selecting LED lamp, lamp lamp 2835 is especially odd update more attractive in the market, the competitiveness in the market continues to strengthen.

Basic Info.


● Specification:CE

● Trademark:XINSHAN

● Origin:Shaoxing

● Style:Modern

● Usage:Festival, Home

● Light Source:With Light Source

● Base Type:Strip

● Product Description

● Light angle: 120

● Export Markets: Global

NIST Standards
Absolute Maximum Ratings















Use of attention


(1) open the packing

When the temperature is no more than 40 degrees and the humidity is no more than 90%RH, LED can be kept for a year. When storing, it is recommended to use a moistureproof bag with desiccant.

(2) after opening the package

LED needs to be stored at <=40 C &<=60%RH relative humidity. We strongly recommend that you complete the process from opening the package to completing the patch in a week.

If there is a remaining LED that is not used, we suggest reusing the moisture-proof agent at the factory and need to be resealed.

If the desiccant expires, please put LED in a 70 - C oven for 12 hours.

The LED electrode and lead frame are made of copper alloy coated with silver. The silver plated layer will be damaged by the surrounding environment. Please keep the LED away from the environment that will corrode the silver electrode layer of the LED electrode. If the LED electrode is corroded, it will reduce its welding ability and photoelectric parameters.

Please avoid the use of LED in a rapidly changing environment, especially in a high humidity environment that condenses.


Static and surge voltage will damage LED. It is suggested that anti - static ring and anti - static gloves must be worn when contacting LED.

All equipment, equipment and machines must be grounded, and corresponding measures are recommended to prevent surge voltage from breakdown of LED.