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【 LED His Photographs Of Jianghu BaiXiao Raw 】 This Piece Of Blue Ocean Have Been Did You See?

- Jan 17, 2017 -

High internal meeting today, be busy doing work summary, 2016, and 2017 work plan. Very regrets, 10th anniversary, completely LED8 anniversary. I don't know don't feel after so many years of LED. From the original magazine to today's new media, with the rapid development of the Internet we will magazine that takes the user the whole time transfer to the new media fragmentation, as BaiXiao before birth "frighten urine principle", time is faster and faster. The time now for us is the most precious wealth and money.

The high internal conference BaiXiao born with iron man zheng combined flying elder brother also discuss how to further to provide high quality service to industry, to optimize the user's time. Although, of course, annual meeting, but the appointment with all of the previous period, this period of time to talk about lighting a new blue ocean. BaiXiao still keep coming.

BaiXiao birth to 2016 industry sums up eight word: transparent, concentration, stability, small profit. Industry information is more and more transparent, market resources more and more concentrated, pattern is more and more stable, while profit is more and more small.

Don't know if you have to listen to fat New Year speech, nearly four hours of speech a lot of content, born BaiXiao impressed by inside says "trap". Like the current LED industry seems to have fallen into a quagmire, many of us are no longer in the red sea swimming, but struggle in the mud.

This time the blue ocean, is particularly valuable.

High-end business, this is my first to throw the first blue ocean. Explain, I said today to narrow the commercial photography, refers to the high-end hotels, large shopping centers, museums, beautiful/museum of art, jewelry, etc. Compared to the lighting industry, the sea area is not large, limited capacity, but its profit is higher than that of many other lighting. BaiXiao living also met a lot of the field focusing make enterprise, often tens of millions, a high-end business according to corporate profits can be as much as 30%.

In 2016, the Hong Kong autumn lighting show, in the high-end commercial lighting lamps and track shoot the light, tube light products such as a fire.

In fact, with the improvement of people's living standard, and the drive for more beautiful things, modern commercial lighting clearly on the basis of adhering to the traditional commercial lighting have more connotation. Commercial lighting is not only to illuminate an area, but according to the commodity characteristics and business environment, it is no longer luminous flux and color rendering index, but the intensity of illumination from a source, the full spectrum, color temperature and so on various aspects, outstanding products, foil environment.

These, the personage inside the industry more professional than I.

So, some small and medium-sized enterprises, and even small company doesn't know by name, aimed at the high-end business, pay a much higher than that of general lighting high manufacturing costs and also gain much higher profits.

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