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Analysis Of Several Factors That Influence Consumer Lighting

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Data: 68%

Most popular light channel--building materials, lighting store

Decorating event, owners tend to gather sufficient patience and wisdom, home decorating their ideal paradise. Mature alumni as living standards improve and consumer awareness, consumer requirements for lamps not only stays in the light level, more hungry for more decorative elements. Survey shows that consumer is still of the highest level of cognitive, lighting fixture supermarket of building materials market, accounted for 68% participated in the survey. But channels are never set in stone, survey 15% of consumer choice in the shop and buy online. While buying lighting online, which in the past were unheard of.

After the financial crisis, more and more businesses focus on e-commerce. B2B, and B2C, patterns emerged. Tendency of channel change may not replace a one-way alternative but coexistence of diverse, complementary to the new State.

Data: 57%

Factors that most influence purchasing behaviour--prices

Lamps prices became 57% the consumer decides to purchase the most important factor. In economic theory, prices as the only factor to adjust the balance between supply and demand, virtually any product is the most important factor in purchasing decisions. In addition, a 31% of consumers still prefer brand as primary factors in determining purchases. In recent years, as the industry leader in continuous force, industry brands to the popular brand of excessive trends become clear. You know, although rational price demands of consumers, equally irrational emotional appeal. Op lighting Marketing Director, Zhu Zuhuan said: branding is the combination of rational value and emotional value.

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