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Apple Does Not Favor The OLED Panel MicroLED Is The Ultimate Goal

- Aug 30, 2016 -

The personage inside course of study analysis, yesky mobile channel apple launched the iPhone next year will have many important new features, the apple phone will use the samsung OLED hyperbolic screen. Display industry experts zhi-chao wang predicted in the next few years, apple will use a new screen technology - MicroLED.

In recent months, there have been media reports that apple launched phones next year will be abandoned the LCD screen, instead use the OLED. But gen photoelectric zhi-chao wang, CEO of foxconn's group, said the OLED screen is not apple long-term solutions, from the cost performance and reliability into consideration, OLED will not replace the LCD screen. In addition to the smartphone of OLED display screen is not enough supply of goods, if apple insist on the screen, then supply shortage will become a company a potential problem.

苹果并不青睐OLED面板 MicroLED是终极目标

As for MicroLED, apple in the past few years have been interested in MicroLED. As early as 2014, silicon valley startups LuxVue Technology will take the lead in developing the MicroLED Technology. And in the end of last year, apple has opened a secret to MicroLED r&d in Taiwan. Next year the Apple Watch or will have the honor to adopt to this screen.

Compared with existing display technology, MicroLED with heavier advantages. The combination not only has the advantages of OLED screen, high color saturation, fast refresh rate, also has the advantage of the LCD screen, brightness, moreover, its power consumption is only 1/10 of the LCD. However, the manufacture cost is higher, the screen less than apple's requirements in terms of production.

In the long run, apple needs to enter a new phase, with relatively cheap price produces a lot of microLED panel, and the iPhone of apple to launch next year with OLED panel just transition plan.

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