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Application Of High Brightness Light-emitting Diode In Building Field

- Aug 09, 2017 -

  Application of high brightness light-emitting diode in building field

  With the breakthrough of Gan technology, the high brightness light-emitting diode has been developing rapidly. High brightness visible light led has been widely used in all areas of life, such as: Display, traffic, car electronics, backlight, building lighting, architectural decoration. With the application of the market, High-brightness Light-emitting diode has been developed unprecedentedly.

  At present, China's led industry has preliminarily formed the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River delta, South East, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Dalian and other northern regions of the four regions, each region basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain. China's high-brightness LED industry will continue to accelerate development in 2005, in this part of the industry, LED lighting industry is the most mature, LED construction lighting market capacity will continue to expand.

  1 Advantages of high brightness light-emitting diode

  The light-emitting diode is due to the combination of electrons and holes in the semiconductor material and produces photons, which are light luminescence and have many advantages over traditional bulbs, such as:

  (1) long life, low power consumption: life expectancy of 100,000 hours, energy consumption compared with the light efficiency of the incandescent lamp reduced by 90%.

  (2) Driving power down: LED use low-voltage power supply, the supply voltage between 6-24v.

  (3) Applicability: Small size, each unit LED can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and applicable to the variable environment.

  (4) To environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.

  The advantages of 2 high-brightness light-emitting diodes in the field of architecture

  2.1 Advantages in building interior lighting

  Because of long life and low power consumption, the indoor lighting industry has great development space in our country. As a new high efficient solid light source, LED has a long life, energy-saving significant advantages, will become the history of human lighting after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp after another leap, its economic and social significance is enormous. China is a major energy consumption, as a power generation, about 81% of the power generation, and lighting electricity accounted for about 12% of the total electricity. Thermal Power annual Demand burning a large amount of raw coal and oil, at the same time, produce a large number of dust and CO2, SO2 and other gases, resulting in serious energy waste, environmental pollution and greenhouse effect. In the next 15 years, the development of LED lighting will reduce 50% power demand, equivalent to a reduction of 2 million T CO2 emissions.

  Although led light-emitting efficiency is currently lower than the small fluorescent lamp, but it has other light bulbs and other lights do not have the advantages. The fluorescent lamp, which contains harmful metals, has not been processed or recycled by the current production enterprises, so mercury pollution will be a serious pollution problem in the near future. Therefore, the development of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy-saving semiconductor LED lighting on the long-term and sustainable development of China's economy is of great significance. It is expected that in 2010-2020 years, LED lighting gradually replace the existing incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps into the field of general lighting, thus triggering a new leap in the lighting industry, the society brought huge energy and environmental effects.

  2.2 Advantages in Architectural decoration

  Although the current led does not reach the requirements of ordinary lighting, but because of its rich light color, long life-driven low voltage and other advantages, this is not comparable to neon lights, especially the LED drive low-voltage, power supply voltage between 6-24v, especially applicable to public places, LED has gradually replaced the building decoration neon lights.

  Led not only colorful, but also flexible, in the architectural contour decoration advantages obvious, can be carved and portrayed in the details of the building, more lifelike, at the same time, along with the City night lighting expansion, especially the national advocate Green illumination, LED has a very broad market. City night Lighting is a huge project, both need high-intensity gas discharge lamp to the city's lighting set the tone, but also need color changeable LED lighting to embellishment, so led will be energy-saving, reliable, light color rich and various forms and other advantages, will be in the City night lighting.

  3 Application in the construction field

  In the architectural landscape lighting market, LED applications are extensive, including building decoration, interior decoration, tourist attractions, such as decoration, mainly used in important buildings, commercial centers, monuments, bridges, communities, home, leisure entertainment decorative lighting, as well as decorative and advertising as one of the commercial lighting. In order to match the science and technology Olympics, the Green Olympics, the Humanities Olympics, Beijing has proposed to use LED as a lighting source to beautify the capital night.

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