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As Long As Three Light Source, It Can Do Indoor Positioning

- Sep 06, 2016 -

When lights combined with the Internet of things, can have what effect?

Jim vandehei firmly said: "I think the light and the Internet of things will become a one hundred percent concept."

"If we are equipped with sensors on the lamp, let the light bulb become smarter, so it can provide us a lot of information, for example temperature, air pollution index, such as human dynamic." Jim vandehei said, people can through the mobile phone camera to capture the light, and gained a lot of information, not only cheap and safe.

For applications in the building, and lighting can be used to do indoor positioning.

In general, a building can't GPS positioning, "but as long as my cell phone can receive the three different illuminant, can identify you in the building of the floor, which room." Him about the lights, for example, auxiliary, not only can more quickly when an emergency rescue those trapped, you could also have a cup of coffee at ordinary times, and have it automatically sent to your office.

And Jim vandehei think, indoor positioning, is known as the Killer application (Killer App).

"This is two hundred years ago, the sailors in the basic positioning of sailing on the sea. At that time, they just look at the stars in the sky, you'll know where you in." Jim vandehei poetic flavour ground said.

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