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At The Application In The First Half Of The LED Lamp Filament Patent, Do You Know

- Sep 21, 2016 -

Last year, LED a filament lamp market is bullish. Enter since this year, a lot of lighting manufacturers in order to survive, have been waging fierce price competition, resulting in a variety of specifications and price of LED lamp filament frequently appear in each big market.

"For this kind of price competition, some proprietary LED manufacturers also hopes that by patent license, to ensure that supply chain smoothly." Some industry insiders said.

On the market at present stage has LED filament light related patent manufacturers including Japan ox tail (USHIO), day (Nichia) and wafer photoelectric (Taiwan) and domestic RuiDi (Ledison), also combined with the traditional lighting international companies through a variety of m&a and with the relevant part of patent authorization.

Wafer photoelectric, namely in 2006 made the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan and other places LED filament patent. In addition, the domestic RuiDi were established authorized patent filament lamp gives new and Super (Trend) and KaiYao (K - Lite).

In the future, as the LED lamp filament market demand rises gradually, more and more pathways in lighting business and markets will start to receive the request with patent technology LED manufacturers, thus predicts the second half of this year, a 'patent fight about LED lamp filament or will be comprehensive.

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