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Back The LED Lighting To Replace Theory With LD Ten Years Who Is King?

- Aug 31, 2016 -

Nowadays almost everyone knows that don't want to be eliminated by history will be constant innovation. Now LED lighting industry into a predicament, industry in price competition, profits thin, not take care of quality, innovation is weak, coupled with the laser projection at the Rio Olympics puts glorious greatly, claims that the laser lighting will replace soon LED lighting, then turned to some enterprises laser lighting market, try to ask the next ten years whether the LED will be replaced by LD (laser diode)? Who will be after ten years of both the mainstream of lighting industry leader?

Loser just VS we want to really call for an end to low price competition continue to be a Loser

If only focused on selling goods, go on, they can expect to price competition, product quality control will decline, only in a low level of competition. Haier group chairman and chief executive officer Mr Zhang

Whether forced or initiative, price war has become a new norm of the LED industry. "LED industry in 2015 and 2018, will enter the mature stage, for the LED companies spell between each other is not technology, is more of a price war." Shenzhen CLP south Shang De chairman said.

The past traditional lighting manufacturers only more than thousands of production in China, but now he is up to more than 30000 lighting manufacturers, vicious price war intensified in LED industry. So there are entrepreneurs began calling for peers: don't bottom line low price competition, no profit no quality? No profit no innovation?

"Excellent enterprise either can form their own unique advantages and product positioning to avoid price war, or have a solid strength participate in the low price competition, the key is to survive in the competition for this kind of 'normal'." Mr Bean, the Loser to call for an end to low-cost competition ", the truth: respect the market rule, enhance their competitive ability and the ability to resist risks that enterprises should think. Can't compete on price 'call for you, but I didn't order, a price reduction promotion, is because I can't... 'it's really a Loser.

The discovery, the outcry, even comments, if you said the Loser to call for an end to the low-price competition, then I can to be a "Loser" real! Low price competition is not small and medium-sized enterprises (even large enterprises) is one of the good way, we should stop in time. When The Times are focusing on cheap and good, who will care about our business value? Who will care about our business profits? Who we care about the future of the industry?

Of course, this topic is still unfinished, the net friend said, "you weak you sent, but also consumers care about your business profits? Business competition and affectionate?"

Price war is a double-edged sword, itself is full of controversy. Small make up I think, respect the market rule, it is right. But low price competition is the market rule, by the low price competition, is to respect the market rule?

Released on August 10th, in UPS "white paper" made in China "enterprise 2016" research report to remind: China's export manufacturing enterprises it is imperative to change the mode of operation. "For export manufacturing enterprises, lower the price is no longer the best way to stay competitive, competitors can provide higher quality products (83%), and to enhance the competitiveness of the customer (82%), and to provide faster, more efficient supply chain (82%) is the main reason for the customer change the supplier." UPS China in songjiang said. "this suggests that manufacturing enterprises need to give up the low price strategy, establish a closer partnership with customers, provide higher quality products and value-added."

In any industry, the "price war" is a rapid development in the first army. "Price war" seemingly "spend for charming eyes", actually is not simple "promotional" behind, each round of price war sword refers to a "industry reshuffle," "burn money" at the same time, the enterprise on the core competitiveness and profit mode of thinking they can't have a moment to relax. If others mistake "marketing" as "strategic", of lust in the price war "flourishing", then died in the busy "high" is not surprising. Simply order at a low price is actually a kind of speculation, this business model can not last long. And in the process of industry transformation and upgrading, they also lost from product development, technological innovation ability and its development road can more walk more narrow, in the end will find this is a blind alley.

In the next 10 years, laser lighting will replace LED lighting VS laser price is high, it is not easy to replace the LED lighting

Debate about potential threats LED lighting, never stop. OLED technology has often been LED existing companies as a threat, and in recent years, with the blue leds nakamura to fix the father of two "defect" laser illumination, said publicly: "in the next 10 years, laser lighting will replace LED lighting." Laser illumination also gradually entered the view of the LED industry. On August 17, photoelectric, deputy general manager of guangdong DE force Ye Guoguang in expert said the APP the laser will be the leading role of the next generation of lighting and display?" Again, caused the industry of laser lighting replace the theory of a heated discussion.

The main difference between the LED light and LD laser

"Dr Nakamura taking two promotion of laser illumination, also with gallium nitride as the substrate material, it will be doomed to it cannot compete with LED in a short time, even if he has numerous advantages, but the price disadvantage let him destined in the five years to become the mainstream of general lighting. But laser illumination can not really go?" Ye Guoguang in said, "my answer is a door closed, but secretly opens another door, perhaps in the short term, the laser will not be cast in the role of lighting, but it would be a very good supporting role, the door is blue ocean special lighting market, especially in automotive lighting... if the future price of LD laser came down again, laser headlight will dominate the automotive market. Is it possible to continue to infiltrate into general lighting? Just look at the substrate performance and price have any breakthrough, if you have, nakamura view is probably right, but I think at least need more than 10 years." He also pointed out that laser LD and another blue ocean market, and very likely in the short term can realize, that is the laser display.

So, who will become the protagonist of lighting and display technology? Experts on laser, or the tone-one OLED, or is the general trend is difficult to block the LED? Ten years later, we will clear all this. And for the LED industry, still have ten years to prepare for this.


Whether it's talking about is now becoming increasingly fierce price war or the threat of future LED lighting, cannot leave a core vocabulary - innovation. Let the innovation instead of price war, to grasp the era development by innovation.

"We do business in a fast-changing world, must make the hard decisions, based on the past traditional continuous innovation, to go on." Macy's CEO terry long before it, said in a statement to close about 100 of the 728 stores.

Similarly, this difficult decision, GE lighting is doing: GE lighting recently announced that it will be closed in August 2017 the United States has two traditional lighting manufacturers in Lexington, Kentucky. Close the two factory is expected to affect the city about 400 jobs. A spokesman for the company said in a statement: "the future, GE lighting will be fully focused on innovation and LED technology, by 2020, LED lights will account for half of the American market and 80% of the global lighting income will come from the LED."

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