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China's LED Industry "great Leap Forward" Triggered A Global Overcapacity Crisis

- Jun 13, 2015 -

China's LED industry "great leap forward" triggered a global overcapacity crisis

The year 2011-7-15

This year, China LED industry has injected huge funds directly accelerated the development of the LED industry. Well, China's huge capital investment will help reduce the cost of LED lighting, speed up the popularization of LED lighting. However, the market is concerned, investment spree has caused overcapacity. Excess capacity will cause a series of problems. Among them, LED the price will fall, LED manufacturer's profit faces shrinking, LED production equipment company's growth slows down. In turn, the LED will become more and more intense competition between enterprises.

LED more energy-efficient than incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. LED lamps do not contain toxic mercury, may issue a more natural light. LED light bulbs are expensive, hard to replace traditional light bulbs. LED market to reach $ 10.5 billion last year, is mainly dominated by computer and television back lighting. But by 2020, the global LED market to reach us $ 7 billion-10 billion.

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