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Corridor LED Crystal Lamp Gorgeous Highlighting And Durable

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Zhongshan light is the association LED lighting factory is a professional production and development of modern crystal and LED household series lamps and lanterns. Light lighting set up before, the association has 12 years of new energy and energy-saving technology products research and development history. Since its establishment has been engaged in energy, energy saving, environmental protection concept of photoelectric products research and development, production and sales, is committed to LED to absorb dome light, LED the sitting room light, LED tube light, LED ceiling lamp, LED track light of the research and development production and sales. Company for the development of the preferred products as service aim is: credibility first, quality first, price concessions, the customer is supreme!

Characteristics: the lamp panel is looks like a regular polyhedron shape ring crystal, through the screw connection between inner ring and outer ring, ring set below the lamp panel, can be made into various shape and color, retaining ring set, lap top, snap Settings on both sides of the bottom of the outer ring, respectively. With crystalline light plate, the surface is not easy to fluff, and the light is very bright, and if with different shape and color of adornment, also can build a colorful effect, beautiful appearance, convenient installation.

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