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Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Highlight Low Consumption LED Panel Lamp

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Shenzhen new LED the million lighting technology co., LTD. Is a focus on green energy conservation and environmental protection career development and efficient energy-saving lighting product application promotion of enterprises, the company is specialized in production and sales of high quality, super energy saving, environmental protection, healthy indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, integrates research and development design, marketing, production, after-sales service in one, has experienced r&d engineers and a strong production team, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Based on the domestic and foreign markets, develop become international famous brand.

Our company specializing in the production of LED panels, adjustable light color temperature light, RGB project-light lamp, LED bulb light, LED bulb. Are widely used in household, commercial space, factories, office buildings, hotel lighting engineering and architectural decoration, advertising lighting, bridge park lighting and other places, by the exquisite professional technology, high-quality product quality, excellent service by domestic and international customer recognition and favor.

LED panel lamp is a high-end interior lighting lamps and lanterns, outside its borders composed of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, light source for LED, the design of lamps and lanterns is beautiful concise, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effect, and can give a person with beautiful feeling. LED panel lamp design is unique, light after high light transmittance of guide plate to form a uniform plane light effect, intensity of illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft and comfortable yet bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. LED panel light also can prevent radiation, will not stimulate the pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.

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