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Flip Chip + AC Light Engine, This AC - FCOB Performance Well

- Sep 08, 2016 -

After continuous price "in recent years, LED packaging market step by step towards stability, price reduction space is very limited, and the cost of an edge, more flexible light engine will be the next market trends.

As LED the whole industry chain of costs, more demanding, flip and AC light engine technology increasingly popular, everyone will also sights in inversion and DOB market. The same party photoelectric is one of them, will be a big part of center of gravity is devoted to the series of product research and development.

Flip COB market really be recognized only six months to a year. The same party, deputy general manager of photoelectric pinfu fenhua DE dongtai yanhua guocheng said, "early next year COB flip chip market share is expected to reach about 40%."

According to high LED to understand, the same party photoelectric overall performance of this year compared to last year growth, earnings growth mainly comes from two fields: the DOB and inversion COB.

In October last year, the same party photoelectric developing complete inversion technology combined with AC light engine technology products: AC - FCOB - A4084 (flip light engine).

AC - FCOB - A4084 technical characteristics

The flip chip packaging technology combined with linear solution.

The superconducting aluminum technology combined with linear solution.

Ultra-thin phosphor coated process was used with fluorescent glue in LED packaging form 30-50 microns within the emitting layer and higher than that of 300-450 microns light seal layer.

This technique can achieve flare effect of spraying process, innovation is the heat dissipation effect, but also can solve the color uniformity of spraying process and perfect Bin problem.

AC - FCOB - A4084 technical parameters

With a 1.5 KV surge immunity.

120 lm/W light efficiency.

Withstand voltage 1.5 KV.

Hot lumens maintaining rate above 96%.

Thermal resistance lower than conventional glue process, on the power density of 25 w/CM2, gel temperature can reduce: at least 20 ℃ 43 ℃ @ @ 6000 k, 3000 k.

AC - FCOB A4084 market competitiveness

1. Improve the efficiency of lamps factory assembly.

2. Reduce the cost of the lamps and lanterns.

3. Reduce especially capacitance of the device, improve the service life of product.

4. Phosphor coated process decrease the temperature of rubber sheet, can reduce the risk of colloid lead to the death of the lamp.

5, phosphor inspire more fully, photosynthetic efficiency improved significantly.

The same party, said photoelectric AC - FCOB promotion within a year, has won the high recognition of many customers.

Some customers on the AC - FCOB evaluation

1, "the same side AC - FCOB distinctive, suggests that the same party in investment in new technology, new product development."

2, "the same side AC - FCOB module at 6000 k, Ra80 specifications, photosynthetic efficiency reach 120 lm, fully meet the demand of product design, for the preferred power tube lamp module source."

3, "AC - FCOB 220 v AC drive directly, is made up of real to power, save the cost of lamps and lanterns."

4, "AC - FCOB basic realize all the traditional optical engine performance, but the COB packaging form is more reliable, more flexible."

5, "the same side AC - FCOB move light stability, makes no difference to the human eye is not, is the ideal choice for the current production level."

6, "the same side of the photoelectric AC - FCOB products, using inversion technology, reliability is better."

7, "the same side of the photoelectric AC - FCOB products, using inversion technology, product cooling performance is good, and high pressure resistance is strong, is the export of high-end market."

8, "good heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, adapt to bad environment."

9, "inversion without gold line, improve reliability, light color small drift."

10, "product quality is reliable and can ensure raw materials, high cost performance."

AC - FCOB - A4084 has a unique technological innovation, market competitiveness is stronger, clients are generally reflect the good, the same party photoelectric will carry this product to come "for" 2016 high LED the golden globes innovative products of the year award.

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