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From The Dispute LED To The Star Products Filament Lamp Will Evolve?

- Aug 23, 2016 -

OFweek lighting network - "LED lamp filament market potential." Recently, wooden Tomlinson Lin Jiliang co., LTD. Executive general manager of a speech caused the industry wide attention, everyone thought: wood Tomlinson rumors and Taiwan chip electric cooperative r&d filament lamp seems to the dust settles. Lin Jiliang, meanwhile, said that the current wood Tomlinson filament lamp, LED related products has been completed the domestic and foreign mainstream market certification, and start the shipping sample, quickly globally, wood Tomlinson will set off a tornado "LED the filament lamp.

With wood Tomlinson, international of philips, osram, GE and so on are overweight LED filament lamp business investment, domestic and foreign enterprises enthusiasm for LED lamp filament also continues to heat up. Research has pointed out that six moonlight the exhibition in 2013, only the pu ears and Yang two companies showed off their suits and inverted LED filament light; 6 the moonlight and the exhibition in 2014, more than 60 companies show their filament lamp products; Hong Kong international lighting fair in October 2014 when more than 200 companies to show all kinds of LED lamp filament; After the exhibition in Hong Kong in 2015, according to the related media reports, at present in the production of LED lamp filament related domestic enterprises have close to 800. This growth is not surprising: why the filament lamp fire?

Filament lamp as funny products, 2013, 2014, the controversy product, star product, 2015, 2016, and will continue to evolve?

The filament lamp incarnations

Filament lamp at first, you will think: incandescent light bulbs in popular again! Big glass ball bubble and glowing filaments is like a person familiar with the "old friend" -- of course this is not the traditional incandescent lamp, the filament is actually with the strings of leds, product shape from simple linear form to beautiful works of art form, with curve and turning, looks beautiful.

  从争议到明星产品 LED灯丝灯将走向何方?


A filament lamp is first appeared in 2008, Japan's ox tail light launched by LED lamp bead to form the imitation of traditional incandescent filament, caused great concern in the industry, and realize the mass production. Then LED filament as the light of the candle light, crystal lamp, ball bubble lights began to appear a lot and it is accepted by more and more consumers, then the applicable occasions mainly in five-star business hotel, luxurious residential indoor lighting places such as, in the midst of people's psychological, it is another name for a kind of upscale. Because it has both the two kinds of spirit - to restore ancient ways and innovation. With the progress of technology, LED the filament prices make filament lamp common up gradually, started flying off the shelves.

When the filament lamp became popular and taking shape, not no place in the industry. Filament because LED lamps and lanterns has Volkswagen habits and familiar with the large Angle of traditional incandescent light form, as a "retro" complex of the nostalgic people, they think a filament lamp is the most ideal replace incandescent light in the true sense of the light source; On the other hand, the application of the group accused of "technology" and in a tangle of filament lamp failure on issues such as heat and light, asserts that the filament lamp decoration is greater than the lighting function meaning, can't be in the sales link really popular.

  从争议到明星产品 LED灯丝灯将走向何方?

 Can argue, no matter what, the truth is from last year, the filament lamp fire, after many at home and abroad to join, filament lamp smoke flavour of the war of the thickened gradually.

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