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Global Commodity Line: What Are The Advantages Of The LED Lamp LED Lights The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Analysis

- Aug 31, 2016 -

LED lamp life up to 100000 hours, normal use life can even be more than the life of people. Besides has a long service life, leds have the advantage of energy saving at the same time. General LED headlamp can provide dozens of hours or even more than one hundred hours of continuous lighting, as if for a few hours than incandescent lighting incandescent light. Super power-saving and shiny LED products favored by many outdoor enthusiasts.


The advantages of Led lights

1, the design of the led lamp is in the form of the secondary optical design, we will the led light to the need of lighting area, can make the light more efficient, therefore, in many places are willing to choose to use led lights.

2, the led light failure is very small, very long service life and led lights in the use of a decade later it still has the very high use value, they are constantly in the process of using a year of droop is less than 3%.

3, leds light emitting diode is a kind of low voltage devices, the use of safety voltage, especially to its use in public places.

4, led lamp life is very long, it will be able to use more than 50000 hours.

5, the led light source is unidirectional, won't appear diffuse the situation, can ensure the efficiency of light.


The disadvantage of Led lights

The lamps and lanterns of perfect also have their own shortcomings, and led lamp also is so, they have the following several shortcomings:

1, although the led light failure degree is low, but this is basically for high power led lights, and small power led lamp light failure is relatively large.

2, the Led light color is white, because the individual defect in manufacturing process, and the matching of the lens error, so in the use of it's easy to form a circle of yellow, can affect the effect of the lamp.

3, the price is expensive, because the cost of reason, so the price is high.

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