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Halogen Lamps, Xenon Lights, LED Lights, You Know Exactly Which Good?

- Aug 24, 2016 -

We used are all in black and white television, since the color TV set, a black-and-white TV has lost its market, and left the stage of history; Since the LED display, our tube also cease to exist.

How the first automobile halogen lamps can be used until now, also the xenon headlamps, LED is out of the third generation, how can three generations? What's situation?


I'll give you something about, halogen lamps are the biggest advantage is that cheap, to put it bluntly, it is an incandescent light bulb in the car inside, specific principle, also don't tell you much about.

So relative to the xenon lamp, it has not been eliminated, actually very simple also, halogen lamp, we look just like the light bulb, the light yellow color, in the rain, snow, fog, yellow light, the relative penetration will be stronger.

Think about it, fog lamps are yellow color, has been until now, not just for the sake of cheap, it is also good for safety.

Shortcoming is also very obvious, a more demanding, the second, use for a long time, it will slowly dark light brightness, the struggle, you drive every day, he a little dark, you is not easy to detect, you will not think of to change a light bulb, this is very cheap, so more and more dark, night view definition will be affected, the potential safety risk is also have certain effect.


So a xenon lamp, one of the most interesting is what many people called xenon headlamps (shan) gas, xenon headlamps (shan) gas, because under the "gas" a mountain, before I read, so back to the 4 s shop, the somebody else say with you, please check the dictionary, you this is read a cactus.

Principle of xenon is actually a kind of elements, don't tell everyone about complex, is made of the lamp and fluorescent lamp, light light blue and white, especially bright, also special save electricity, now better intermediate cars, luxury cars are the mainstream in this one, that shines on the ground, also give you a more comfortable.

Weaknesses are some, expensive, now also is not very expensive, but in the rain, snow, fog, its penetration is very poor, and you have a light in the fog, it directly reflects on your face, it is better to clear don't turn on the light.

You look at our street lamps, a few of the lamps in the white color, are all yellow color of the street lamp, also is to have rain, snow, fog this consideration in this regard.

Moreover, is safety, although the safety certification is Germany, but, it's the lamp needs a thirty thousand volts supercharger, instantaneous breakdown you gas inside the chimney, and let it shine, or brightness, it one thousand is broken? Still a little worried.


Leds have no this kind of question, and bright, with long time, then according to the light, would you like to warm light that warm light, el cold light, you want what rain, snow, fog, sunny, all can use, but the most let spare tire children how tangled, how so expensive?

Very entanglements, you say we buy a LED bulbs, that is, twenty or thirty dollars, than the halogen five blocks are expensive, but not so, you're a xenon lamp seven thousand pieces, you are an LED headlamps is eighty thousand pieces, we want some cheap points common, let's wait.


So just myself, xenon lamp with halogen fog lamps, or only the halogen lamp, the two are safer, the spectrum of the collocation method.

Sometimes choose lamp, also is really can't consider price.

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