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Henan Led Display In The Advertising Market Boom

- Aug 29, 2016 -

With the rapid development of society, henan led display has been common in our daily life, whether it be in the subway, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, and even on the way to the office often can see the figure of henan led display, led display, henan with with high arrival rate and low cost advantage has become the mainstay of outdoor advertising is strong.

A, has a wide perspective for table paste screen, has over one hundred and ten degrees Angle in the horizontal direction, also has the same performance in vertical direction, in many of the external environment, such a big Angle of view is very have an advantage.

Second, in the light distribution, blue, red and green leds look every Angle on its brightness is the same, this can make the screen more perfect show effect, the viewer at any Angle all can enjoy the best color screen, not like other types of display, in the case of angular deviation, existence of color distortion.

Three, in the light, because of the third and instrument structure of chip design, make the distance very small chip, can carry on the mixture of light cup in the same bracket, three different from common LED chip in the different leds, in light of poor performance. At a closer look at table paste screen with good ornamental effect.

Four, in contrast, due to its structure for three and a, SMD will is small, the result is a small area of the light to form, and with the black area of large area, the screen contrast is very high.

Five, on the product yield, table screen high automation, it can by the fully automatic SMT production equipment, has a high efficiency, and its cost is also much cheaper.

Six, on the body weight is very light, and their body adopt aluminum alloy material has a lot to do, not only light weight, and very beautiful, after using for a long time, there will be no deformation occurs, both for rental products company, or the users to buy their own, has very high use value.

With this product but there are all sorts of shortcomings, for example, its brightness is lower than other products, also show the difference on waterproof performance, but in terms of price, performance of this product in many aspects, many advantages outweigh the disadvantages, was well worth the purchase this product.

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