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High Power EMC 1 A1a, Light Color/price/life Perfect Balance

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Along with market competition intensifying, capacity of release, serious product homogeneity phenomenon. Major packaging enterprises need more accurately segment of the market and realize the product differentiation, ace is to win more market share.

Static photoelectric has been given priority to with EMC encapsulation, leads the market products with high performance and high reliability.

"At present, the market has yet to have more than 15 w high power EMC products, 15 w - 25 w important power for the COB market space, EMC 1 a1a (10 mm * 10 mm * 0.8 mm) satisfy the market the whole lamp 1200 lm and over 1600 lm and luminous flux application requirements." The relevant person in charge of static photoelectric mentioned.

Static photoelectric new EMC 1 a1a has completed in July 2016, is mainly used in lamp, lamp, PAR lamp and tube light applications such as small Angle.

At present, because the market mainstream design including the COB, EMC/ceramic 1 w LED array scheme, but these solutions are difficult to balance the light color, price and life demands, thus, was born the EMC 1 a1a.

1 a1a EMC performance with high flux density, small shiny surface and high cost performance advantages, perfectly balanced all sorts of applications require:

First, compared with the same power of COB, EMC 1 a1a has less shiny surface, smaller size, is conducive to achieving higher irradiation center narrow Angle design and strength, and to achieve a smaller volume of the optical system;

Second, compared with the LED array, better light, life and reliability is better, the development and application more convenient;

Third, with high performance, high reliability, but the high cost of COB, compared to 1 a1a EMC products can achieve better than COB light color performance and better cost performance;

Fourth, EMC 1 a1a another important application is to replace traditional halogen lamp market, compared with the traditional halogen lamp, EMC 1 a1a with high light efficiency, long life, good reliability and high cost performance advantages.

Most importantly, EMC 1 a1a has higher power density, relatively more than light source design, EMC 1 a1a can reduce the system cost to a great extent (40%) can reduce the system cost, achieve a better light color consistency and color spatial distribution.

The EMC 1 a1a since its launch, with its excellent cost performance was well received by the customer:

1. The perfect balance between reliability, photosynthetic efficiency, power density and cost advantage;

2. A better optical performance, light color, match high-density COB and better price, meet the requirements of commercial;

3. The better the whole lamp design advantages, reduce the volume of lamps and lanterns, improve heat dissipation performance, improve product market competitiveness;

4. Simplify lamps and lanterns design and improve the efficiency of the whole lamp production.

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