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Home Decor: Top 5 Lamp Shade In 2016

- Dec 01, 2016 -

Lamp shade plays a relevant role to decorate your home. The increasing popularity of the lamp shades with different shapes and colors always bring an elegant look to the room. Even beautiful lamp shades provide a true feeling to the users who want to have an eye-catching decoration in their home.

It's important to choose the perfect lamp shade according to the requirements. Some users want to enjoy the ambient lighting as no exact lighting location will be there. Others also use the shades to serve the purpose in the library room or in a small room where proper lighting is the key necessity.

Here is a list of top five lamp shades to unveil their importance according to the requirements:

1. Royal Designs Inverted Corner Round Top Lamp Shade, Antique Gold, 5 x 11.5 x 9.5, UNO Floor Lamp

It is a unique production of the Royal Designs, Inc. this beautiful lamp shade is perfect for the home. It is a round square shape lamp. "Royal Designs" is popular for its handcrafted quality. It is made of handcrafted silk- type fabric with a nice lining. This lamp shade contains the heavy grade metal frame with 1.5 mm. The metal frame is completely rust resistant. With a dimension of 5x11.5x9.5, this lamp shade is perfect for a beautiful home.

2. Round Lamp Shade: 5" Top, 10" Bottom, 8" Slant Height, Navy Blue

It is a true invention by the The best part of this lamp shade is you can place your order according to your requirements. That means you can mention the size and shape of this lamp, and it will be made accordingly. The key feature of this lamp shade is it is equipped with the Uno fitter. Mainly the top dimension of this lamp shade is 5" and the bottom dimension is 10". It truly brings an elegant look to your home.

3. Urbanest Hardback Silk Empire Lamp Shade 5-inch by 9-inch by 8.5-inch, Set of 2, Cream

This lamp shade is a true example of quality with beauty. The fitter of this lamp shade is white spider which offers an elegant look to it. You can avail it to fulfil your requirement of reflecting a good amount of light in the room with the 60 watts as maximum wattage. This lamp shade measures 5" for the top and 9" for the bottom and the total height of it is 8 and ½".

4. White Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 5x11x7.5 (Clip-On)

Brentwood presents this beautiful white Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade. With white antique colour this lamp this lamp can be used with the 40-watt bulb. Actually, you can use it with the library lamps and also with the accentable lamps. The fitter brings a crystal look with the clean brass finish. A clip on the shade creates a beautiful look of the lamp. The top portion of the shade measures 5" and the bottom portion measures 11".

5. Peacock Print Drum Lamp Shade 14x16x11 (Spider)

This is truly a very beautiful lamp shade. It is a beautiful production from the Springcrest.The peacock design feather print makes this shade elegant. The lamp shade is made of cotton poly blend fabric, and the trim edges brings a beautiful polished finishing. Even the white liner creates the ultimate beauty of this lamp shade. The top portion of this shade measures 14" and the bottom portion measures 16". Users can buy it to create a soothing feeling in the room.

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