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How The Stadium LED Display Screen Is Used

- Jul 26, 2017 -

  How the stadium LED Display Screen is used

  Now no matter what the region's large-scale sports venues, are lack of full-color LED Display Screen, it is in the sports venues broadcast with unparalleled importance. LED Display Screen area from the venue control, according to the specific needs of the design, the other outdoor Display Screen some features of the Display Screen, making it able to cope with outdoor complex use of the environment. But the most important thing is the Display Screen of the safety and stability of the need for reliable protection. Which on the Display Screen performance and installation and other aspects of the increase in the requirements. LED Display Screen manufacturers for you to do a detailed answer:

  First, the role of LED Display Screen in sporting events:

  The LED Display Screen must meet the maximum viewing requirements of the fixed seat viewer, and the Display Screen allows viewers, athletes, coaches and referees to clearly view the contents of the Display Screen.

  Second, the reliability of sports venues Display Screen

  The reliability of the stadium Display Screen should meet the requirements of 5.10 in SJ / T11141-2003.

  Third, LED stadium Display Screen security precautions:

  1, the stadium Display Screen safety requirements should be consistent with SJ / T11141-2003 in the requirements of 5.4.

  2, the sports venues in the Display Screen should be a separate power supply, should meet the requirements of SJ / T11141-2003 5.8. Sports venues Display Screen cable line construction acceptance to meet the GB50168, GB50171 requirements. The quality of the project should meet the requirements of GB50303.

  3, the stadium Display Screen with polymer materials in the device (including: LED module shell, LED module filler, PCB board, power cord sheath, etc.) need to be flame retardant materials.

  4, the stadium Display Screen should be smoke, lightning, fire automatic alarm and automatic shutdown function, power distribution cabinet should have overload protection, leakage protection and step by step power-on function.

  Fourth, LED stadium Display Screen the maximum line of sight and character height:

  1, the maximum line of sight and character height of the formula (see formula (1)>: H = k? D formula: H maximum line of sight, in units of m; k-line distance coefficient, generally take 345; d- Height in units of me.

  2, the building structure of the independent swimming pool and diving hall Display Screen each character at least higher than 0.2m, the building structure of the swimming diving hall Display Screen each character at least higher than 0.28m.

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