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In The Next Five Years LED Global Special Dealer According To The Size Of The Market Growth Rate As High As 30%

- Aug 25, 2016 -

According to the latest research data show that contains plant lighting lamp lighting, medical surgery, shipping and port four special lighting and intelligent lighting, commercial lighting market has caught the attention of the market, the scale of 2016 special commercial lighting LED the global market for $4.36 billion, to 2020 at $16.4 billion, 2016 to 2020, the compound growth rate of 30%.

Forecasts for 2016 global LED lighting market scale wisdom was $2.35 billion, $13.427 billion in 2020, is the most development potential in the application of special commercial lighting market. LEDinside research assistant manager Wu Yingjie said that although the LED lighting lamps and lanterns has gone into the era of cheap, but the wisdom of lighting market in its infancy, scale effect has not been formed, the related hardware and software product cost is still high, the future with the evolution of technology, products, companies actively promote, improve public acceptance, the market will grow sharply.

Global LED lighting plants market prospect is quite optimistic. Forecasts for 2016 global LED lighting plant market is about $575 million, will quickly grow to $1.424 billion in 2020. Wu Yingjie pointed out that under the global climate change, delicate and crop planting, breeding, food storage preservation, such as market demand, all drive the plant lighting market prospects look. American market more benefit from medical marijuana legally, part of the state, province or even open entertainment use marijuana, increasing demand.

Benefit from LED light efficiency and enhance color, forecasts for 2016 global LED medical surgical lamp lighting market of $612 million, to $787 million in 2020, the main demand from Europe, North America and Japan. In addition, the ship's lamps and lanterns, ports, lighting lamps and lanterns for regulatory requirements is higher, the unit price also relatively high general lighting, makes shipping and port LED lighting production is relatively stable, high margin of special lighting applications. LEDinside forecasts for 2016 global LED shipping and port lighting market value of $820 million.

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