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In The Second Half Of Your "unavoidable" The Ten LED Industry Trends Of (a)

- Sep 10, 2016 -

Experience of relatively stable in the first half of the LED industry is strong in the third quarter to "boom" opens in the second half of the market. What, then, in the second half of the LED industry will present new opportunities, new trend?

High yield research institute (GGII) that LED the global LED industry is entering the "China enterprise" leading the development of the cycle. On the one hand, the domestic LED industry of China has been basically formed, a group of leading enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the growth and expansion into a new stage.

Especially the strong power of China's capital market, to promote China's LED enterprises by way of merger and purchase more quickly quickly from the global market share, and form the traditional compete ability between the transnational giants.

In the second half of the LED industry is still facing greater opportunities and risks coexist, of course. On the one hand, is still in the rapid evolution of technological innovation, new technologies, such as CSP maturity to speed up the improvement. Represented by ir, uv, light of the new application market at startup. On the other hand, around the capital, integration of industry merger and purchase will be the emergence of a new trend.

Starting from this period, high LED will use three phase content, to the ten trends of panoramic display in the second half of the LED industry.

Automobile headlamps LED to speed up the permeability

High yield research institute (GGII) statistics show that LED the 2015 global automotive lighting market compared with 5.8% growth in 2014, the total nearly $23 billion, to 2020 with the outbreak of the new energy vehicles will push car lighting market scale grew to $30 billion.

GGII expects 2020 global car LED lighting market is expected to top $10 billion, permeability by car headlamps market gains to about 30%.

2008 all LED headlamps to realize commercial application for the first time, in 2012 began to gradually applied in the c-class sedan market. But has been limited to the price factors and lamp manufacturers push speed is slow, the size of the market has been in a state of stagnation.

Before that, the LED lighting is mainly used in automobile high brake lights, lights, tail lights, car dashboard, lighting etc. But car headlamps have been permeability is low, such a situation, in the second half of this year will be a fundamental change.

The global leading brand SUV JEEP has announced, is scheduled to 2017 JEEP wrangler new models using LED lighting to replace traditional car headlights.

In addition, including audi, BMW, lexus and other high-end models, also plan released in the second half of this year's new models of comprehensive standard LED car headlights.

And end of brands to join in a batch, will make become car LED headlight real outbreak in 2017 years. According to the relevant people, JEEP car models use LED lamps price at $595, probably also include LED fog lamp combination.

From the point of view of the depot, the price of $600 is close to light lamps to replace the "sweet spot". What is more important than traditional light source LED lighting can provide a brighter in a dark environment, more uniform beam.

More automaker is expected to begin next year, LED car headlights will become one of the highlights of the new model.

Iris recognition of infrared leds

From fingerprint identification to iris recognition, biometrics gradually into the terminal consumer electronics products, the global biometric market is expected in 2020 will amount to $25 billion, one of the fastest-growing for face recognition.

About 40 points identification of fingerprint recognition, iris recognition the ascent to 240, the identification of delivering, used in mobile payment more safety, early leave IR LED specification is osram.

Due to the application on the phone more emphasis on light thin and small Angle, the technical threshold in the period of encapsulation, osram, from the first to do after, so the price is high, the infrared LED chip, assembly house in mainland China and Taiwan has price advantage.

Recently rumours, osram plan will would have to be used for the LED chip factories to be to iris scanning technology such as IR leds.

Released in the first half of the year, samsung's flagship model Galaxy Note7, a major bright spot is the iris identification, users watch mobile phone screen can quickly unlock the phone, this application on behalf of the IR leds from Ann extends to the field of consumer electronics, control and presents the fast explosive growth trend.

Incandescent lamp delisting booster filament lamp

Since October 1, 2016 ban on the import and sale more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. This is eliminated the last stage of the incandescent roadmap also means incandescent lamp on October 1, will be completely withdraw from the market.

High yield research institute (GGII) according to the latest figures, the LED in the first half of 2016 the incandescent light bulb cumulative production amounted to 2.012 billion, and after October 1, the vast majority of incandescent lamp products exit.

According to the current more than 15 w and replace incandescent bulbs, LED ball steep light market prices will add nearly 50 billion yuan each year to replace the market demand.

In the first half of this year all the lighting products for export, the ordinary incandescent light bulbs, lighting products exports almost flat with the same period of last year, there was no significant decline.

The filament lamp can achieve the effect of ambient light, and appearance similar to the traditional tungsten filament lamp, of archaize style, popular with European and American consumers on the market, provider is pay.

This is also directly contributing to hot filament lamp market continue during the first half of the year. Some overseas retail channel large "players" to enter the market, such as ikea, home depot, wal-mart and other large stores have begun to set foot in filament lamp this subdivision category.

High yield research institute of LED (GGII) statistics show that in 2015 the global LED lamp filament market demand of 70 million, only 2016 global LED lamp filament demand is expected to reach 220 million, up 367% from a year earlier.

The next three years, with the promotion LED filament lamp automatic production level, production will also climbed quickly.

As a fist products instead of traditional incandescent lamp market, the future LED lamp filament market scale will reach 8 billion yuan.

The pattern of China settles, the global power cycle

In the past few years, in order to break through, to start a price war between businesses, disorder competition, the competition reached its peak in 2015. High yield research institute (GGII) data of LED display, there are more than 20% in 2015, about 5000 LED companies exit the market.

In Liu Rong HuaCan photoelectric President's view, the LED industry competition will continue, but this competition will tend to be stable, because companies price war between has little space. Three Ann in the chip, photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric and other companies are expanding production, but the volume is not large, have already could lead to overcapacity, but the price of a few years ago is unlikely to lose order.

In the industry point of view, after a round of shuffling, government subsidy object change, no longer as before all subsidies, subsidies for those to be able to become the industry's top companies, some small and medium enterprises to get subsidies is unlikely. Subsidies and, the government has began to decline, and surface has been narrowed.

Liu Rong analysis said, "from the point of competition main body, the government also see clear at this stage, the rest of the enterprise will participate in international competition, the government's subsidies will supply companies, this is health subsidies. LED industry competition will still continue, but the situation will be less bitter, will tend to be relatively stable, can reduce the price of the enterprise less. So the price will be stable, LED enterprise performance will be better."

At the same time, the transnational giants gradually withdraw from the Chinese and Asian markets, or adjust the product structure to give up general lighting business, or sell assets to China's listed companies.

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