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Incandescent Lamp Or Will Be Eliminated For The LED Market Next Month

- Sep 10, 2016 -

According to the development and reform commission (NDRC) previously published "China sales roadmap, if evaluation well, our country will be banned from October 1, sales and import more than 15 watts and ordinary incandescent light bulbs, lighting, and the common incandescent lamp is largely used in the production and living in more than 15 watt, which means that the vast majority of incandescent lamp or to quit.

Disk, the related to LED star, bdo embellish da, three Ann photoelectric, Abby, and fly together photoelectric rallied all week. Analysts say that the LED industry leading enterprises are facing tremendous market opportunity, at the same time, the LED chip and encapsulation recent sharp rise in price also is closely related to the incandescent lamp out.

Societe generale securities research analysis, stop using incandescent light bulbs will catalytic rapid infiltration of LED lighting. In the first half of 2016 the incandescent light bulb cumulative production amounted to 2.012 billion, and the vast majority of incandescent lamp products will exit after October, comprehensively by leds instead, policy catalytic LED lighting from around 30% of the permeability climbed to full penetration.

In terms of investment, societe generale securities believes that the LED display plate was obvious benefit, at the end of encapsulation is recommended the starlight electric, manufacturers recommend high-quality small spacing leah, Abby and chau Ming technology, LED lighting plate in the middle and lower reaches of LED lighting leading sun lighting most benefit, and focus on middle hong optoelec packaging manufacturers, three Ann photoelectric direct pricing for chip manufacturers, advice to focus on.

For many factors are driving the LED recent price increases, China merchants securities research report that the downstream demand is a key to the success of price increases, on the one hand LED small spacing of market demand, rapidly increasing demand for LED lamp bead per unit area. Second, the rapidly increasing permeability overseas lighting, and prohibit the import and sale on October 1, more than 15 watts and incandescent lamp. Again, special LED applications, including red, uv light, automotive lighting, etc. Finally, seasonal peak season also has paved the way for the current price.

Besides, China merchants securities also think the cost increase and improve the industry competition structure is rise in price incentives, the LED industry over the past few years, competitive industries to capacity significantly, in the first half of the crystal electricity itself also had cut production to boost prices, industry leading concentration significantly increased, the continuation of China merchants securities price quotation on the LED industry chain, recommends three Ann photoelectric chip bibcock, and focus on dried according to the photoelectric, HuaCan chip companies such as photoelectric, bdo embellish, encapsulate enterprise value has the ability to raise prices of wooden Tomlinson, the star light electric RGB packaging enterprises; Focus on MO source enterprise ntu photoelectric, recommend benefit small spacing peatlands chau Ming technology, leah, Abby, etc; Recommend benefit from overseas heavy sunlight illumination and foshan lighting.

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