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Integrity As Leds Break Through The High Temperature Limit

- Aug 25, 2016 -

Integrity (ALT) is committed to research and development of science and technology of energy saving and high efficiency lighting products, in recent years to launch more performance, conform to the requirements of the harsh environment of indoor and outdoor LED lighting, such as: IP68 waterproof, explosion-proof, ultra-low temperature resistance and other features, is dedicated to top frozen lighting, explosion-proof lighting, commercial lighting area. Threshold has breakthrough technology, developed in the temperature as high as 90 degrees Celsius environment, industrial high temperature resistant LED light remained stable operation.

The LED development up to now, is highly efficient illumination field, high energy saving products. In spite of this, on the premise of long-term use, LED lights still has a lot of important technical problems need to breakthrough, especially one of the most important heat dissipation, contain light bulb inside the chip with the power of heat dissipation. If there is no perfect heat dissipation design will lead to the production of a variety of problems, like poor luminous efficiency, short service life and produce color deviation, etc., as the name implies the general LED lighting is not suitable for use in high temperature environment.

To solve the problem of energy saving lighting requirements of harsh environment buyers, the company engaged in a long time of research, using proprietary cooling technology and, lead-free process combined with built-in integration with catch level capacitance of power supply design, after repeated testing, successfully developed a series is suitable for high temperature environment of the LED lighting Lodestar - industrial high temperature resistant lighting.

Compared with general electronic equipment in the 60 ° C easily disorder, this LED lights can have at temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius environment stable heat dissipation function, still maintain normal high luminous efficiency and the play of color features, and have a combination of IP68 waterproof design, for a variety of high temperature environment, heavy industry, provides the best choice for high quality lighting.

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