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Interpretation Of Incandescent Bulbs Under The Disabling Effects Of LED Lighting Price Strategy

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Recently, the VantagePoint investment enterprises in Silicon Valley capital partners Chief Executive Officer ailun·saerziman (AlanSalzman) that LED lighting 90% prices will collapse in the next three years.

The business leaders said, Europe has eliminated the incandescent, United States also will be banned after 2012 bulbs of 100 Watts or more. Lock out incandescent light schedule in the year 2018. Energy-saving lamps replacing incandescent light bulbs have become an irresistible trend, yield increase, prices were inevitable.

But the price is not to shout slogans, table determination can achieve, need some companies to form alliances to actively promote.

Prices become an inevitable trend, the first price, who will be able to gain the upper hand on the market. Do people need the courage of the first person to eat crabs.

Therefore, the domestic media have recently published the photoelectric started on "the people" on the pricing strategy, the electro-optical multi-channel push for LED lighting products off "noble installed" message was inspired by author.

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