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IOT Can Be "the Internet Of Light"

- Sep 06, 2016 -

And when we walked out of the building, to outdoor lighting can also be information receiving and transmission nodes.

Jim vandehei said, the street lights can sense the traffic on the road, traffic information.

"If I go to a European city, want to find out which side have a parking space, the forward will not tell me the answer, Google but the street lights can help me to find it. We may gather information through the light, to the phone again. It is a great application." He thinks, if you understand the potential of the lamp, can definitely find out more than 200 kinds of, or even 1000 Internet applications.

"I like to call it" the Internet of Light ", "he said.

As to the curiosity of apple's new headquarters, Jim vandehei low-key said he couldn't say too much design details. But, he says, apple for the present discussion of the issues are very interested in, including embedded lights, induction lamps and lanterns and user's health and well-being.

In addition, Jim vandehei was also involved in too many apple retail store lighting design. He pointed out in apple west lake in hangzhou store, for example, they spent so much time to research and development, to make the inside of the LED lights don't see the one bright spot.

In addition, when designing the lights of the apple store, also hope that customers in, like to the apple's products, "the design and not only for lighting, but also in order to create a space."

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