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It Used For Auto Lighting Lamp Bead, By Optimizing Process, Empty Rate Is Less Than 2%

- Sep 08, 2016 -

High yield research institute of LED (GGII) statistics show that in the first half of 2016, the national LED industry 2962 the total output 2962.92, up 19.21% from a year earlier. To complete the production in June 60.197 billion, up 26.12% from a year earlier.

In the first half of this year the market trends, SMD is still the most mainstream forms of packaging, which accounts for about packaging market output value of more than half of the SMD on the market mainstream models including 2835, 4014, 5730, 2835, 3030, etc.

The relevant person in charge of xu yu photoelectric revealed, "xy - c5050 light from light structure, the light efficiency, light type, degree of manufacturing technology, widely used in the scientific and rigorous validation, such as the current device system thermal resistance can be controlled within 2, empty rate is less than 2%, is the industry leading level, mainly applied in the field of auto lamp"

Xy - c5050 in the process of development, by verifying all sorts of different process methods of crystal, xu yu photoelectric finalized with nanoscale metal solid crystal materials, in the process of using the environment temperature decrease risk of product failure caused by solid crystal material stress, the competitiveness of the products to client.

In addition, the new products through high heat sintering method to form metallic bonding, improve the speed of the LED chip heat transmission, reduce LED encapsulation system thermal resistance of the device, so as to increase the stability of the product, because a single device driver to the more powerful, so eventually reduce the cost of customer use.

At the same time, through the optimization of process, make the hole rate of products has been further reduced, promote the combination of the chip and the substrate resistance and thermal stability.

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