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Large Evergrande Is Subdivided Into The King

- Sep 06, 2016 -

Both in the price war, and the development of niche, is a necessity of the development of industry development. LED packaging industry is gradually to focus, Evergrande situation will be more obvious.

It seems to the star light electric industry is gradually return to rational. After a few years ago the price wars and industry reshuffle, LED encapsulation is from blindly pursue cheap to pay attention to the product itself, it is also the industry as a whole to a good trend.

The personage inside course of study thinks, at present the market demand of LED encapsulation still have upside, the speed of price decline has slowed, and even tends to be stable, a batch of packaging company continues to expand.

So, focus on niche where is the way out of the small and medium-sized packaging companies? Still play?

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED encapsulation field from traditional fields such as lighting, backlighting, instructions, gradually developed into the ir/uv, automotive lighting, plant lighting, indoor small spacing, such as niche, and the niche is becoming more and more professional and more and more strong.

On the one hand, packaging companies in diversified products to speed up the market layout, on the other hand, focus on the niche of packaging enterprises in the first half performance is also very good. Especially the new three board a focus in the field of automotive lighting, medical lighting such as segmentation packaging enterprises have achieved good results.

As global markets based on market segments, including application of deep uv LED, develops unceasingly, LED domestic enterprises choose to enter more lucrative niche is so taken for granted.

Half annual report, hong god remit for the specialty of deep uv LED devices, research and development with high air tightness, high reliability of inorganic encapsulation technology and form, use in the field of deep uv special lighting environment. Products are mainly used for ultraviolet germicidal light source research and health care products manufacturing.

At present, the deep ultraviolet hong god send products in small batch trial-produce stage. Wang Gaoyang mentioned, "the company is very bullish on deep ultraviolet (UV) LED application market, is a new profit growth point. The current deep UV is still in the initial stage, process and need time to improve all aspects of the development. In the next three to five years, deep ultraviolet will gradually enter the civilian market."

In packaging technology innovation level, a lot of people think that CSP first by the backlight and high power applications, play space also mainly in the backlight market.

Actually otherwise, throw a CSP plants in display backlighting, lighting, automotive lighting (headlights), medical lighting has strict requirements on product size, performance, and other special applications, CSP in price general lighting market has huge space for development.

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