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LED Air Vitamin Purification Lamp

- Jan 06, 2017 -

LED air vitamin after purification lamp is to produce oxygen ion equipment miniaturization and highly efficient energy-saving lamps products. It at the time of lighting can produce oxygen ion distribution in space, have the effect of smoke prevention and dust control, disinfection sterilization.

Introduction to the

LED air vitamin purification lamp is also called the "lights" net aldehyde, is a kind of air purifying lamp with lighting. Air vitamin purification lamp can effectively eliminate indoor decoration of harmful gases (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, ammonia, radon, etc.) and daily indoor smoke, smoke in the air (effectively prevent "secondhand smoke") to the harm of human body, viruses, bacteria, smoke, such as nicotine can regulate hematopoiesis function at the same time, promote the body's metabolism, enhance immunity, eliminate fatigue, enhance appetite. Can change the human ecological environment, make people at home can enjoy a natural forest of fresh air!

The working principle of

LED air vitamin purification lamp is using an air molecules under the action of high pressure or strong rays most free electrons are produced by ionized oxygen obtained, therefore, often the air negative ions are collectively referred to as "negative oxygen ion. Sanfeng air vitamin purification lamp USES the low temperature plasma technology, the lighting, through micro oxygen ion emitter among energy-saving lamps, instantaneous release of high concentration of oxygen ions, evenly spread to every corner of the space, when the oxygen ion and bacteria in the air after the cells, the cell internal structure change of energy transfer, lead to its death. And floating in the air of benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, smoke, dust, pollen, etc to attract particles agglomeration and natural subsidence.

LED air vitamin purification lamp can smoke in the air, smell, smell smell completely remove, can kill more than 85% in the air of harmful bacteria such as e. coli, mould, also can break down odor oxidation, chemical volatiles.

LED air vitamin purification lamp is a kind of air purifier with light, is the perfect combination of high-tech and innovative wisdom. Its at the same time a lot of anion in lighting. In nature, plant photosynthesis, waterfalls, thunderstorm lightning can create air negative ions. Containing anion air breathing relaxed, carefree and happy, when the air negative ions concentration is higher, can inhibit many kinds of bacteria breeding, purify indoor air in the dust, smoke, pollen, dander and other particulate matter. In this environment life, study and work to eliminate fatigue, regulate metabolism, enhance immunity.

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