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LED Backlight

- Dec 14, 2016 -

LED backlight structure is mainly divided into two kinds, a single set of tandem power or more groups of series/parallel power supply. A single set of tandem power while using low constant current, but must be total input power up to conform to the tandem power forward voltage level, can drive leds. On the contrary, multiple sets of series/parallel LED power while need higher constant current drive, but reduces the demand of high voltage. Boost converter demand difference depends on cost, complexity, and the energy conversion efficiency (for the users, the equivalent of charging cycles between battery life). Will eventually on the basis of the features, size and performance of the device itself needs to determine the best solution


The brightness of the LED backlight is high, not dazzling, save energy, appearance is more beautiful. And the LED no stroboscopic protection for your eyes to a certain extent, LED back light not light point-blank.

LED backlight independence is strong.

LED backlight power saving environmental radiation is low.


Communication equipment, mobile phone, telephone and fax buttons backlight

* indoor sign

* the handheld device: signal indicator

* phone buttons backlight instructions, flashlight

* small and medium size LCM: back light

* PDA: buttons backlight instructions

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