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LED Chip Packaging Process

- Dec 26, 2017 -

LED chip packaging process

Choose a suitable size, luminous rate, color, voltage, current of the chip,

1, Expansion of the crystal, the use of expansion machine manufacturers to provide the entire LED wafer film even expansion, so that the film attached to the surface of the tightly arranged LED crystal opened, easy to stimulate the crystal.

2, Gum, expand the crystal expansion crystal ring has been placed on a good silver paste layer of the gum machine surface, the back of the silver paste. Point silver paste. Suitable for bulk LED chips. The use of dispenser will be the right amount of silver paste in the PCB printed circuit board.

3, Solid crystal, crystal silver ring will be ready to put crystal spine holder, the operator under the microscope with a thorns stabbed LED chip PCB printed circuit board.

4, Crystal, the crystal will be pricked PCB printed circuit board into the thermal cycle oven at a constant temperature for some time to be cured after the silver paste removed (not a long time, or LED chip coating baked yellow, that is oxidized, to the state Set to create difficulties). If there is LED chip bonding, you need more than a few steps; if only IC chip bonding to cancel the above steps.

5, Wire bonding, the use of aluminum wire bonders will chip (LED die or IC chip) and the corresponding aluminum plate on the PCB board to bridge the wire, that COB inner lead welding.

6,The first test, the use of special testing tools (according to different uses of COB have different equipment, is simply a high-precision power supply) COB detection board, the unqualified board to re-repair.

7, Dispensing, the use of dispenser will deploy a good amount of AB glue to the good bonding state of the LED die, IC is packaged with vinyl, and then the appearance of the package according to customer requirements.

8, Curing, sealed plastic PCB printed circuit board or lamp holder into a thermostatic oven temperature thermostat, according to the requirements can be set different drying time.

9, The total test, the package of PCB printed circuit boards or lamp holder with a dedicated test tool for electrical performance testing, good or bad distinction between good and bad.

10, Splitting, with a light splitter will be different brightness of the lamp according to the requirements of the distinction, respectively, packaging.

11, Storage.

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