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LED Commercial Lighting Is Mainly Used In What Areas

- Dec 22, 2017 -

LED light with the advantages of full-color easy to control, energy saving and environmental protection, can create other traditional light sources can not be replaced by high-quality light environment, fully meet the high-end interior lighting atmosphere of the market demand for interior lighting design provides a new Ideas, especially the emergence of high-power LED LED lighting in the field of indoor lighting to find a breakthrough in the application of accelerated indoor LED lighting applications growth. At present, LED indoor lighting applications mainly concentrated in the field of commercial lighting, mainly decorative lighting.

LED commercial lighting is mainly used in the following areas: 1, high-end specialty stores, shopping malls and other high-grade writing business atmosphere indoor lighting LED light source energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, to meet some businesses to display personal light environment psychology, became a number of businesses The preferred light source for some special products; the full spectrum color range is ideal for setting the atmosphere of specialty stores and shopping malls. The advantage of LED light source in local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting can not be achieved by other traditional lighting electric light sources Compared to the high-quality light environment, ideal for commercial lighting. At this time, the price has become a secondary factor to consider.

2, entertainment, beauty salon lighting LED integrated light full-color easy to control, you can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white to full spectrum of any color, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere, the emergence of LED to such The design of the space environment opened a new way of thinking.

3, bars, cafes and other places of leisure lighting atmosphere

LED light source small size, solid state light, giving lamps manufacturers unlimited play space, you can professionally make all kinds of different styles of LED lamps, LED full spectrum of any color and dynamic and static lighting effects make it decorative and manufacturing mood The performance of this type of venue most vividly.

 4, museums, art galleries and other places of professional lighting Museum, art galleries and other places belong to the higher requirements of the lighting environment for special occasions, the display of the special nature of the requirements of the light source does not contain UV light, no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet light, fully meet the special requirements of museums, art galleries for lighting.

5, commercial theater, television studio dance and photographic stage lighting LED light source in the application of indoor lighting to the theater, studio lighting environment interpretation of a new concept.

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