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LED Corn Light Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection And Durable Lasting

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Huerler was founded in 2002, was founded in 2008 in shenzhen city, lighting equipment co., LTD., shenzhen co., LTD. Is a research and development, production, sales, service integration of LED lighting, the main products are: LED corn light, LED bulb light, LED pointed bubble candle light, LED honeycomb lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED remote control light, human body induction lamp, LED lamp cup, shoot the light, LED to absorb dome light LED track light, dared light, LED ceiling lamp, LED lamps, LED landscape light, LED tube light, LED project-light lamp, LED floodlight, LED wash wall lamp, etc. Products. Add luster for many world-class large-scale activities and export all over the world, drink praise at home and abroad.

Led corn lamp is a kind of led lamps and lanterns, because led light Angle is 120 degrees, considering the luminous uniform, light, designed to 360 degrees, its shape like corn cob, called led corn light.

1. LED light source is driven by dc of ultra-low power consumption device, earthquake, impact resistance, no radiation, safety stable, reliable, without having to consider heat dissipation, long life; Lamp body is small, convenient installation;

2. Energy conservation, environmental protection, the product does not produce waste, can recycle all;

3. Modern design, sophisticated technology, the product series.

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