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LED Digital Tube Gao Liangxian Color Good Performance Excellence

- Aug 27, 2016 -

Shandong igawa cloud the us electronics is a rope LED lighting products production, installation, sales for the integration of LED lighting electronics co., LTD. LED landscape lighting engineering professional installation of high-rise building, street lamp, landscape lamp, garden lamp, large stainless steel lamp, large indoor and outdoor lighting lighting, specializing in the production of various kinds of LED tree light. The high power LED wash wall lamp, high power factor constant current power supply, brand lamp bead, large size integrated waterproof technology. A diversity of products are: super power and light wash wall lamp, external control more pixels iridescence wash wall lamp, internal control 7 colour wash wall lamp, buried wash wall lamp, high pressure monochrome wash wall lamp, acoustic wash wall lamp. High-end technology of manufacturing high quality high-power lamps and lanterns.

Single cables external control LED digital tube function:

1 single data transmission, signal connection is more convenient, not out of line fault, convenient installation.

When two linear transmission, but infinite cascade.

3 any two points increase transmission distance of more than 10 meters without any circuit.

4 chip powerful, VDD built-in 5 v voltage regulator tube, no longer use 78 l05 and triode, reduce components, reduce the solder joints, greatly reduce the deficiency caused by open welding, welding and transportation products more stable, not easy to bad.

5 output port up to 24 v voltage, greatly avoid the burning tube phenomenon.

6 more energy-saving than similar products the saving electricity was above 15%, and the actual operating power 8 w.

Mainly used in building lighting, advertising signs, upmarket DISCO, bar, nightclub, the door of the club head billboards, etc. Especially suitable for application in the billboard background, overpass guardrail, building outline, river, lake and other large dynamic light illumination, can produce the result that gorgeous rainbow. Decorated with guardrail tube of the building outline, can have outstanding beautiful color brighten the effect of the building. In fact, it has become a wonderful work in the lighting products, bloom in the dynamic city.

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