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LED Display Screen Technology And Industry Development Analysis

- Jul 26, 2017 -

  LED Display Screen technology and industry development analysis

  With the LED Display Screen technology continues to improve the level of Display Screen continues to increase, and now LED Display Screen has become the main force of outdoor LED media. In fact, outdoor LED large screen media has not only a simple advertising Display Screen platform, but also imperceptibly realize the dialogue with consumers.

  China LED Display Screen application industry development

  With the LED real technical level of continuous improvement, Display Screen continues to increase, and now LED Display Screen LED outdoor media as the main force. At present, China's LED Display Screen application industry to achieve a certain overall level of development, brand enterprises grow faster, industrial development standardization, intensive direction highlights. LED Display Screen in the domestic continuous development at the same time, LED Display Screen applications to accelerate the international market, occupy a certain international market, the basic form of a number of export business-oriented backbone enterprises. As the LED Display Screen a lot of advantages and wide range of applications, LED upstream industry development of the application of the Display Screen industry is obvious. Promote LED Display Screen application technology continues to improve, industry-wide technology continues, the standardization of conventional products and technical system is basically formed. Some domestic enterprises have a special LED Display Screen project and a major LED Display Screen application project design, implementation capacity.

  China's LED Display Screen market in the growing scale, the 2013 LED Display Screen application industry, the total market share of 27 billion yuan. In 2014, benefiting from the development of small dot pitch products and advertising media market, the national LED Display Screen application industry market sales scale than 2013 new growth, the annual total market reached 30 billion yuan, the growth rate of 10-15% The Export LED Display Screen applications in 2014 to maintain a good momentum, it is estimated that the total export volume of 5 billion yuan.

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