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LED Enterprises How To Layout The LED Transparent Screen Market?

- Aug 25, 2016 -

OFweek semiconductor lighting webex In recent years, the domestic LED display market, there is a new product was born, born early, it will impress the countless eyeball, the darling of the spotlight, quickly became the industry has been the consistent recognition and praise of customers, the lucky is transparent LED screen. It thin and beautiful, fashion, the birth of it is really a great initiative LED display industry. Shenzhen Witt, photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is one of the best in this field, Witt, photoelectric in 2012 started to develop transparent LED screen products, improve and perfect it with many times, now is a manufacturer of industry technology is very mature, and they have with the LED screen clear oceans, to go global. Today, let us walk into sweet photoelectric, together to meet the transparent LED panel to the industry outstanding enterprises all over the world.

Differentiation, customized route

As a segment of the market of LED display, transparent screen to bring the unprecedented visual perception and experience of application of new and rich types and display mode, the LED display products fill the blank in the field of LED transparent display, to provide customers with more choices and possible. Currently has a large number of used in glass curtain wall buildings, shopping malls, sightseeing elevator, 4 s shops and all kinds of glass window, etc.

Although in expanding and extending application field, but relatively transparent screen outdoor display applications, is still a niche market, in the sweet, photoelectric angie lee, general manager of opinion, transparent screen at present most is customized line, mainly used to assist clients to finish a project application or leasing application stage, let the customer differentiation and customization of all kinds of ideas can be realized.

Customized this characteristic determines the transparent LED screen enterprise must do better on service. Angie lee said: "at the beginning of the industrial product design, the enterprise will be standing in customer's Angle to think, how to reduce purchase and use cost for customers, customers willing to cooperate with you. Especially under the current international economic situation on a downward trend, the importance of customer experience, service is increasingly highlighted. Witt, photoelectric not only pay attention to the quality of the product and quality, we have invested enormous resources, makes every effort to customer experience and service supremely well, this is sweet photoelectric set goals for yourself, we will continue to work hard in that way."

Bet on the domestic market

As is known to all, Witt, photoelectric do foreign trade, enterprises established in the early business overseas orders accounted for nearly 90% of total turnover, but this year Witt, the development of photoelectric have adjusted their center of gravity, investment in the domestic market increased significantly. Angie lee is introduced: "sweet photoelectric are vigorously develop the domestic market this year, and for the first time to become the ministry of domestic trade, so far, the domestic market sales accounted for 30% turnover, and we have sent the part of the product characteristics, especially suitable for the engineering application of transparent screen to the domestic market, the effect is beyond our imagination, in fact in the domestic market development potential is very huge."

Witt, photoelectric made such strategic adjustment, can be based on the analysis of the current domestic and international situation after make a reasonable choice. In the year to march, the national customs data show that China's exports fell by 20.4% last year. The domestic LED industry, especially the LED display application industry exports also necessarily shows the tendency of decline. Angie lee judgment to remove the listed company, and some relative monopoly, the market share of high enterprise, quite a number of LED display application of small and medium-sized enterprise exports fell more than 20.4%.

Angie lee said: "the LED display application products not necessaries of life, it is mainly used in building lighting, stage rental, advertising display, etc. LED display application industry is closely related to the macro economic, its development and prosperity is built on a steady economic or is on the basis of the economic situation in the upward trend. In the next 1-2 years, the global economy will not be improved, overseas LED display application market won't have too big increase, LED display application industry to boom also need a period of time, on the contrary, I'm more bullish on the domestic market recently."

Although the investment increasing in the domestic market, but sweet, photoelectric is still spare no effort to devote to overseas markets, at the same time they also in with alibaba, made in China, global resources such as online promotion platform to continue strategic cooperation.

In the overseas market this year, Witt, photoelectric manufacturer LED transparent screen, in addition to continue to their new concept screen - conformal screen will also be introduced. Angie lee is introduced: "total line screen, a new concept is put forward by whit photoelectric first, is on the basis of the large span soft screen optimization, is currently in the market cultivation stage, market feedback is very good. It's already in Manila with project cases, an area of 4200 square meters, is one of the largest outdoor LED display now the Philippine domestic application project."

Next, Witt, photoelectric proposed planning abroad, set up offices, in order to better solve the problem of local after-sales service, is currently in planning and site selection. Witt, photoelectric and infinite possibility for the future, we shall see.

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