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LED Full-color Displays Grey Scale And Principle Of Application

- Aug 23, 2016 -

LED full color gray levels, is refers to the degree of the brightness of the light and shade, is to display the number of color. Average gray level is higher, according to the picture, the more colorful, more exquisite picture, more abundant details.

Full-color LED display gray level mainly depends on the A/D conversion system digits, and the improvement of system processing digits involving system video processing, storage, transmission, the change of each link such as scanning. Current league sincere send LED display mainly adopts the following four treatment system, has formed four different gray levels:

1. 8 processing system, namely 256 grey level of (). A total of 256 from black to white brightness changes. Use RGB trichromatic can constitute a 256 x 256 x 256 = 256 kinds of color, color of 16 million.

2. 10 processing system, namely, 1024 (10 to the power of 2) grey level. A total of 1024 from black to white brightness changes.

3. 12 processing system, namely 4096 12th (2) grey level. A total of 4096 from black to white brightness changes.

4. 14 processing system, namely 16384 14 power (2) grey level. A total of 16384 from black to white brightness changes.

Suggestion: grey scale is not the higher the better, because the human eye resolution is limited, additional digits to improve system processing, at the same time of video processing, storage, transmission, scanning requirements increased, which leads to higher overall costs, price declines

The outdoor full color LED widely used eight processing system, a few USES 10 processing system. As for higher commercial grade or radio product USES 12 system is even higher.

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