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LED Industry Is About To Enter Full Spectrum

- Aug 27, 2016 -

Lighting end-user photosynthetic efficiency and life of the LED light source, the requirement of color rendering is increasing day by day, for, as an essential part of white LED technology of phosphor and performance put forward higher request. Lighting end-user photosynthetic efficiency and life of the LED light source, the requirement of color rendering is increasing day by day, for, as an essential part of white LED technology of phosphor and performance put forward higher request. Conventional LED phosphors on the market at present stage there are still obvious flaws, each enterprise is seeking a technical breakthrough, to form a new profit growth point, at the same time LED phosphors market technology have been the center of gravity of the obvious changes have taken place.

Domestic phosphors first-line brand enterprise branch constant shares in June, the light of show to launch a known as close to the sunlight green healthy environmental protection full spectrum of LED phosphors, to solve the problem existed in the LED light source pointed out the direction of the "blue" harm. So, in the future have high color full spectrum characteristics of LED phosphors will occupy the mainstream status and lead the new era of the full spectrum lighting?

LED hidden "blue"

Since the village two developed efficient blue LED technology, LED lighting on a path to commercialization, real into the era of popularization of LED lighting. The energy conservation and environmental protection light source on the human environment have a huge impact, if all the lighting lamps and lanterns is replaced with LED lights, save electricity at least 1.52 trillion KWH, around the world each year can decrease at least 500 million tons of coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 1.3 billion tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 4.2 million tons. Also, LED intelligent control and using range of attributes, is the best of the future Internet of things era, the wisdom city carrier, thus gradually by the major science and technology, Internet giant.

LED the development of the momentum is fierce, but its "blue" blu-ray hazards in recent years, many opinion in inside and outside. Study says, because the blue light peak wavelength of radiation and retinal blu-ray body damage characteristic curve and non-visual photosensitive curve with larger overlap, so too much blue used in indoor lighting, to people's physical, psychological and optic nerve, etc. A series of influence.

It is on the vision, the LED the blue light can penetrate the lens to the retina, the retinal photochemical damage, accelerate the oxidation of the macular area cell, cause vision loss, degree of cataract, blindness and other eye diseases; Second, biological effects, in white LED a lot of blue light to the inhibition of melatonin, will result in a sleep disorder, and a series of dysfunction. At home and abroad the latest study showed that the quality of its spectrum "blue" easy to affect the person's SiChen rhythm, thus reducing immunity.

In addition, the LED industry after recent years of rapid development, the performance is improved, the industrialization LED light efficiency can reach 239 lm/W, far more than the application in the field of lighting requirements. However, in the field of general LED lighting pursuit of high photosynthetic efficiency, high color temperature virtually has also increased the harm of "blue", people paid attention to the pursuit of quality of light.

Phosphor is the "culprit"?

As is known to all, the current commonly used white LED mainly by blue light stimulate phosphor powder to produce a variety of color, which is a mixture of phosphor can complement the LED chip light wavelength different spectrum demand, produce different light color collocation, quality for white LED phosphors play a critical role. To suit the end user demand, the downstream chip scale packaging enterprise also to upstream LED phosphors materials put forward higher requirements. "Lighting to light color on the quality requirements of key performance requirements embodied in the fluorescent powder, such as high color rendering, full spectrum wavelength, stimulate the efficiency, the uniformity of particle size distribution, high temperature resistant characteristics and color drift discreteness of aging for a long time." Xu yu photoelectric Deng Yucang auto lamp division general manager said.

In addition to the stability of color saturation, reduction of phosphor and technical requirements, such as Switzerland abundant research and development of photoelectric director Chen said phosphor still need to improve on the price.

Constant shares LED division general manager Chen tao said that currently on the market of LED light source of LED phosphors in 450-460 nm blue light excitation, the blu-ray absorption efficiency is insufficient, mainly lack of 480 nm to 505 nm blue green and deep red light of 660 nm to 700 nm. Especially high colour temperature reached more than 5000 k of the white light color temperature, and there will be a lot of blu-ray has not been effective transformation.

Specific view, different wavelengths of light on the retina damage spectra weighting function is as follows:


And can be seen from the chart, 450-450 nm blu-ray harm of weighted function is very high, reflecting the market existing fluorescent powder solution exists "blue" hazard of hidden dangers.

Break through the limitation should start from?

In view of the "blue" hidden dangers, took the lead in the spectrum of LED phosphors limitations on constant shares to make a substantial improvement, and timely launch of the corresponding products and solutions. Chen tao said, constant research and development team first major in present LED light source spectral spectrum part carries on the analysis of the research, determine the scope of the emission spectrum of the new, new LED phosphors developed corresponding; Then on the luminous performance was promoted, verified by encapsulating applications after optimization of new materials, finally it is concluded that a set of effective improve the quality of the lighting of LED light source the light of full spectrum application solutions and products.


Pictured above, high color rendering full spectrum of LED light source compared with conventional LED light source spectrum, two of the biggest difference between increased by about 490 nm, 660 nm emission peak, make up part of the regular LED light source lack of spectrum, greatly increase the whole spectrum of continuity, so close to the sunlight full spectrum.

- graphic content "in high color full spectrum of LED characteristics and its contributions to solve the blu-ray harm"

In addition, Chen tao, said the constant focus on the maintenance of the patent, in 2014 two invention patents in this application: a kind of nitrogen oxide phosphor and its preparation method and the a full spectrum of LED fluorescent powder and its application, the two patents have been authorized. Branch constant by their own strong technology research and development capabilities of original patent, break through the traditional international phosphors enterprises set of patent, the future will be to "swim" in the market at home and abroad.

"Our goal is to Ra99 even Ra100"

Full spectrum of LED phosphors is to improve the quality of lighting of LED light source the light arises at the historic moment of the product, it greatly improve the lighting of the LED light source spectral continuity, color saturation, color rendering index, effectively reduce the blue light.

According to section constant shares LED group technical director Feng Rongbiao, main application of the full spectrum of LED phosphors are divided into two kinds: the first is targeted to improve color rendering index and photosynthetic efficiency, at present the color rendering index Ra can reach more than 97 or even 98, and in the same show that under the premise of its photosynthetic efficiency than the current scheme of double powder on the market increase by about 2%, the application is mainly is the pursuit of performance, but the spectral continuity are less than perfect. The second application is to pursue the best emission spectrum, simulated sunlight spectrum, and its spectrum defects can be to a minimum, effectively reduce the blue light damage, but would be slightly decreased in photosynthetic efficiency.

"Ra97 Ra98 even is not our goal, our goal is to Ra99 Ra100 even." Feng Rongbiao said, constant in the future will continue to optimize the full spectrum of LED phosphors in recent, blue green and ultrashort wave super long wave ultraviolet light red light emission range and the problem of insufficient strength. Full spectrum of LED lamp is mainly used in surgery at the present stage, photographic lamp, the lamp that shield an eye, the museum lighting, lighting and other high-end places of high quality demand of spectral domain. Because of its high cost compared with the ordinary LED phosphors temporarily, in terms of general lighting of LED light source, subject to the limit of the price, to promote resistance is bigger.

Based on 20 years of experience in luminescent material accumulation and technology innovation ability, constant will continuously develop new phosphor powder materials, added spectrum of missing parts as soon as possible, even realize the secondary turn light, remove the blue light damage, at the same time the introduction of intelligent control system, realize the real green ecological health lighting. In terms of cost also will optimize the improvement, to accelerate the popularization progress.

Feng Rongbiao, according to the constant of the full spectrum of LED phosphors and scheme has become a major reserve even finished LED LED packaging manufacturers products, start mass production.

Chinese academy of sciences and the director of the institute of China's rare earth rare earth resources sustainable exploitation and utilization of strategic research experts huongngo phosphors for constant in industry to fully affirmed, also on the "constant stake in LED full spectrum has done a lot of research work, have also made some achievements and effects, but in a more saturated color gamut, secondary to light, etc, there are still continue to improve room for improvement, and look forward to family shares constant use 20 years of experience in rare earth luminescence materials research and development and the application to make more innovation and improvement, and realize green ecological lighting industry."

Full spectrum of LED phosphors will become mainstream?

Of course, with the enhancing color rendering index, photosynthetic efficiency and loss, full spectrum of LED phosphors technique can balance the problem, and the cost is higher, according to statistics, the full spectrum of LED in the LED market the proportion is only 2% or so, whether the full spectrum of LED phosphors will become the mainstream in the future?

"In the future with high color rendering of the full spectrum of LED phosphors there must be a wonderful future." Vice President of China association of lighting appliances, nanjing university of technology institute of electric light source materials, director wang very bullish on the prospect of high color full spectrum LED phosphors, LED lighting is the essence of artificial light. With the development of LED lighting, its quality, quality, service and other lighting comprehensively improve the overall performance requirements. High requirements embodied in the spectrum, is not only a pure white light, or higher color, but with all kinds of light color is more close to the sunlight of artificial light. In the future, provide more highlight colour quality, more comfortable for human health of light environment of lighting technology is the mainstream of development trend.

Guangdong together families and lighting co., LTD. General manager zhou also said: "the full spectrum of simulated sunlight is the main trend of future green healthy lighting, hope constant shares and we do the full spectrum better together, contribute strength for LED lighting."

"Once some scholars put forward the concept of full spectrum lighting, but no one has been willing to put into research and launch products, and the constant of full spectrum of LED phosphors is arises at the historic moment in the middle of the call of the industry and market." Chen tao believes that with the improving of the full spectrum technology, will have more users to realize the importance of the full spectrum of light quality, its market share will be rapid growth, the whole LED industry especially in indoor lighting areas will also be a quick transition from the conventional high color LED to the full spectrum of LED. "The full spectrum of LED because of its unique performance advantages, will inevitably become the mainstream of lighting light source, especially indoor lighting light source, the future also will continue to optimize phosphor technology, and industry to promote to the green ecological health lighting lighting industry development road."

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