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LED Intelligent Lighting Is From Dark To Dawn

- Sep 05, 2016 -

Trying to knock on the door in the process of the intelligent lighting market, Internet giant, traditional home appliance manufacturers and traditional lighting giant has taken a different way and attitude respectively, because their resources and advantage is not the same.

This time, huawei intelligent lighting up again back to the stage.

August 31, HUAWEI for ICT industry in the history of the largest global ecological - HUAWEI join full assembly (HUAWEI CONNECT 2016) opened in Shanghai, for three days.

For the first time at the conference, huawei expounded huawei cloud strategic positioning. Huawei's CEO Ken hu said in his first speech, assembly, huawei's position, is to be become intelligent social enablers and agents.

Huawei HiLink wisdom family strategy released at the end of 2015, after eight months, formally announced the formation of huawei HiLink family ecological wisdom, and revealed that the first batch of huawei HiLink ecological partners product will be launched on September 30, related to air quality, light and energy management three big categories.

On the day of the conference, huawei and marsh signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will make full use of their respective industry advantage of cross-border cooperation, joint effort to build more intelligent household ecosystem market competitiveness.

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