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LED Invert Technology +, Materials, Technology, Product Three Arrows

- Jun 19, 2017 -

LED Invert Technology +, Materials, Technology, Product Three Arrows

"LED to install technology, there are three main aspects of +. First, LED to a + materials; second, LED to the + technology and equipment; third, LED to a + products." On June 10, qian xuexing, general manager of the technology company, said in a speech at the 15th summit of the high tech LED industry, BBS.

It is understood that LED invert + material consists mainly of chip, phosphor powder, stents, solid crystal paste, and encapsulated silica gel etc. LED inverting + process and equipment mainly include CSP technology and equipment, integrated technology and equipment; Flip + LED products mainly include ball bubble COB, flexible filament, car lights, small spacing between RGB strip, tubes, etc., can be judged flip chip packaging in the future will cover most of the existing application products such as lighting, display, auto lights.

Integration encapsulation process is the morning in 2013, independent research and development to apply for a patent for invention, is also the first to define LED flip chip packaging process, the integration of encapsulation is the chip through solid crystal solder paste directly binding on the substrate, adopts the corresponding optical parameters of fruit glue dots on base board, form the point light source and light bar.

Fruit powder adhesive is also called high touch type into rubber, the phosphor mixed with silica gel by certain proportion into the light of the corresponding standard color parameters, and through the adhesive system to maintain phosphors precipitation does not occur within the guarantee period. The use of pectin and CSP fluorescent glue is different from that of the equipment. The first two years of the morning have led to the development of pectin and the formation of its own intellectual property, which is expected to simplify the process of reloading through material changes.

In the process, the product of the LED integrated packaging process is applied to the product by applying the glue to the specific pressure parameters under certain pressure parameters. And CSP process is to contain phosphor film curing to flip chip five of the electrode surface or single heat curing, and then USES the flip chip with good cutting way to seal cut into small electronic light-emitting devices, packaging to facilitate patch in braid way.

According to the money the snow line, "LED the integration process is simple, less equipment, circuit board assembly, no extra patch process. But the drawback is not light, besmear of fruit glue point control and optical parameters require high consistency; and CSP encapsulation process can realize the light-emitting device miniaturization, ultra-thin. But the disadvantage is that technology is more complex, equipment, high cutting precision requirements."

As is known to all, not only in the flip stents in flip chip packages to protect conductive, thermal conductivity, reflective, bearing, and so on, its solid crystal function position is inversion welding material of eutectic reaction, so the choice of welding plate material for solid crystal solder paste welding effect have a certain influence.

"In fact, a COB most rapid development in 2016, a year from COB aluminum substrate to ceramic substrates to flexible filament to the back of the SMD, SMD originally is not suitable for inversion, we later in the process of cooperation with several companies, made some coating and the upgrading of the structure of the." "Said qian.

In addition, the solid crystal solder paste is the key in flip innovation, but not decisive of thermally conductive material,, the key factors of wafer binding LED, binding from the physical bonding leaping to the solder paste alloy chemical covalent binding. The quality of the inverted product is inseparable from the solid crystalline paste.

LED + packaging adhesive manufacturing process for encapsulation adhesive have influence, traditional encapsulation adhesive used process is fluorescent powder and A/B glue mixed in certain proportion mixing evenly, dispensing after defoaming. And the powder glue in the LED integrated packaging process does not need to encapsulate the engineer to match the phosphor and the optical parameters.

Thus, different encapsulation adhesive to make the LED manufacturing process simple degree is different, CSP packaging technology is mainly manifested in the light source device miniaturization, standardization, class we now suits encapsulation of SMD light source device, is first sealant application again, while fruit powder glue help integration encapsulation directly in the application of the endpoint glue, more simple process equipment.

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