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LED Lamp Beads Broken How To Repair?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

When we use LED, the driving current should not exceed the maximum current of the specification. It is best not to exceed the 20mA. It is suggested that the driving current is between 10-20mA and each LED has different VF values. Therefore, when the actual circuit is applied, it is best to design a lamp with similar VF values in a circuit to match the different values. Resistance, in order to achieve the purpose of cross flow; pay attention to the LED polarity not to be wrong, in general, the lamp foot slightly longer end is positive, slightly short for negative, if the two light feet as long, to seriously identify the mark.

1, if the LED power is damaged, buy the same parameters of voltage, current and so on, and replace it.

2, if the LED lamp is damaged much, and the damaged LED patch lamp is concentrated in the same area, the damaged section can be cut off and re welded.

3, if you have certain basic knowledge of electronics, buy the same type of LED lamp, carry a soldering iron and re weld it. But then again, there are many LED chip lamp components on each LED light bar, and one or two bad ones have no effect on brightness.

How do LED beads do this problem, we should do relative measures according to what is the case, whether it is LED damage or drive power damage, for the sake of safety, it is suggested to find professional personnel to repair, in use, not only to consider the effect of the heat from the LED itself, but also to consider the week. The influence of ambient temperature on the photoelectric performance of the lamp.

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