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LED Light Engine Module, Completely Solve The Cooling Problem And PF > 0.95 THD < 20%

- Sep 10, 2016 -

Profit margins declining in recent years, along with the packaging enterprises, especially traditional lighting encapsulation device, industry profitability in the short term is still not optimistic. So, how to play in differentiation of good brand is one of the packaging enterprises to seek the path of self breakthrough.

Admittedly, photovoltaic modules on the market more competitive, because the most easy to accept, customer demand for the product price is very sensitive.

Include LED lamp bead, modules, LED light engine drives, and other optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical components of the overall portfolio, the portfolio by matching a LED lamps and lanterns with conventional connector is connected directly to the branch circuit, it is a standardized products, LED lamps and lanterns of different manufacturers can choose according to different applications to different LED light engine to design and manufacture of LED lamps and lanterns.

, marketing director Zhang Luhua told completely LED, "photovoltaic modules will be have new profit growth point in the future."

Temporize, have developed in March 2016, the LED light engine module.

It is understood that the LED light engine on the use of extremely convenient, users can be directly connected to 220 v / 110 v mains;

Second, high light efficiency, and can solve the power shortage of life, as a whole to reduce the product cost (because of its power on the components get rid of the traditional AC - DC switching power supply, the use of linear power supply without electrolytic capacitor, transformer and other traditional components);

Third, through to the substrate panel, completely solve the problem of EMI, and poor stability;

Fourth, through the optimization of linear power supply will be promoted to the luminous efficiency more than 90%, all parameters are specified and reaching the highest levels of the industry, according to the test data show that PF > 0.95) (high power factor, total harmonic THD < 20%, it is advantageous to the LED lamps and lanterns of finished products for mass production, reduce the production cost of LED lamps and lanterns of finished products, improve production efficiency.

In addition, the standardization of LED light engine has considered the electronic, electrical products and a radiator and a light distribution, so the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer only need to consider the lamps and lanterns structure, secondary cooling and secondary light distribution, thereby reducing the LED lamps and lanterns of research and development costs, shorten the production cycle.

Part of the customer for the product evaluation:

This light engine cooperate with the company's EMC7070 product (white light 5700 k), measured the light engine high light efficiency: photosynthetic efficiency is as high as 144.0 M/W, 20 W 50 W photosynthetic efficiency is as high as 120.9 LM/W. This is the greatest characteristic of this light engine; Other photoelectric parameters such as PF > 0.95 (measured 0.987), total harmonic current THD < 20% 14.2% (measured).

Shenzhen have semiconductor co., LTD. Specializes in EMC/SMC LED 3030, 5050, 7070, 2835, COB, SMD LED and so on various kinds of products research and development, production and sale of national high and new technology enterprise.

The company has more than 15000 square meters clean workshop, more than 1000 employees, monthly production of 3500 kk. Is one of the few to production of EMC/SMC stents packaging companies. And practical use of ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system, at the same time won the ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification qualification.

Products are widely used in the LED fluorescent lamp, LED bulb light, LED flat light, LED street lights, LED indoor lighting, TV backlight, and other fields, the mainstream products are passed the IES LM - 80 test. In 2015, become the most competitive domestic LED lighting light source and solution provider.

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