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LED Lighting Enterprise How To Choose The LED Production Equipment?

- Aug 25, 2016 -

LED industry competition is big, how the good and evil people mixed up in such a market, increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, increase production, ensure quality and reduce the production cost at the same time, choose a suitable own enterprise development route and the key to choose the suitable LED production equipment.

  1. The small LED production enterprises in the development period, money is not big, with indoor LED lamp assembly is given priority to, if it is to do the LED bulb lamps and the LED lamp products, you can choose a simple LED bulb lamp production line, and a simple LED lamp production line, to configure a lamp bulb lights mixed aging line can satisfy the production, if the aging test, in order to meet the individual leds production can also configure the two ledsAging test equipment, mainly used for new product research and development purposes, because we know that companies need to continuously introduce new products, good product, to have differentiated products to our enterprise into sustainable competitive advantage.

  2. Medium LED production enterprises, has been in the industry for a period of time, in order to control the production cost, save the investment of production personnel, many LED process tooling smelting equipment and the LED and a half to complete the automatic production equipment, can consider to eliminated the LED aging aircraft at this moment, join professional LED production equipment. Way to reflect the corporate image of the customer better, improve the ability of orders, and meets the need of production capacity increase.

  3. Requires larger LED production enterprises, the production capacity and enterprise image, should be considered at the same time pay more attention to quality, specialization, branding, the equipment investment is large, then can be promoted to the semi-automatic and fully automatic, multi-layer, robots, such as product testing technology as far as possible to replace artificial, such as to make the LED lamp assembly, LED, LED aging one-stop assembly line. Professional LED production assembly line, exquisite production process from the start, reasonable layout and design, and equipment to achieve efficient operation but also reduce the amount of operators to reduce costs, more important is to promote quality guaranteed, tsu LED manufacturing company with an industry leading equipment assembly line (the LED assembly line + LED products in conventional aging equipment on-line monitoring aging + + LED LED quality checks) solve the production of LED production enterprise process problems.

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