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LED Road Lighting The Four Weak Multitude Advantages Disadvantages

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Disadvantages (factors that influence the popularization and application of street lamp) are:

LED lighting lamps and the current price is still too high, luminous flux is low, the current prices of LED light sources of the same illumination design is roughly 4 times times that of traditional light sources (but in street lighting products, light part of the total cost is not high, so in the higher cost of installation will not be too high, there is plenty of space), in a civilian unbearable. Current design and manufacturing standards are chaotic, damaged a high proportion, affecting the life of LED lighting advantages.

LED lighting advantages:

First, LED as points light, if design reasonable, is big degree Shang can directly solution traditional spherical light must relies on light launches to solution of II times take light and the light loss problem; second, LED light irradiation surface of uniform degrees can control, theory can do in target regional within completely uniform, this also can avoid traditional light "lamp Xia bright" phenomenon in the of light waste; third, color temperature can selected, such in different occasions of application in the, is improve efficiency, and reduced cost of a important way; IV, LED lighting technology space remains high.

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