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LED Star Light

- Jun 05, 2017 -

LED star lights, high quality LED leds, low power consumption, small heat, long life, LED star lamp, high reliability. The combination folds into any shape, the color is pure, the change is multiterminal. It is the most ideal lamp that makes modelling and illume pattern. Enter 220V - 110V dc voltage, 10m current is 0.06 A. All products have been adopted with eight functional controllers, two of which have three circuit changes.

application places

It is used for decoration of indoor and outdoor landscape architecture, and beautify the ornament and the light of the city. In the city streets or green Spaces, the areas of light are designed to be shaped like rings and ribbons. It also becomes the adornment element of daytime environment. Common product rated working voltage AC220V, control mode is more internal control (the synchronous line can be enforced synchronously in the place where synchronization changes need to be made). Practical engineering often cooperate with gas discharge light source used as decorative lighting, the use of lawn lamp, landscape lamp, bulb, etc all kinds of different shape and function of the LED light source can be combined into a colorful lights phantom. This kind of "multi-color, multi-bright, multi-pattern" change, reflect the characteristic of LED illuminant. Wedding background layout, hotels, hotels, bars, parties, shopping malls, household, shop Windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance hall, stage, and so on each place, as long as you want, will bring you high luxury, romantic and warm moved.

Product parameters

Mainly used in hotels, floor contours, signs, bar KTV. Road night. Trees and other places.

Can be shown: changliang. Jump. Gradient, flicker

Working voltage: 220V (AC)

Power consumption per meter: 10 w

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

Number of lamps: 100 looks

Colour: red. Yellow. Green. White. Four colors

Protection grade: IP65

Dimensions: 10 meters. 8 meters

It is said that the different sizes can be made to order

The characteristics of

Leds are high in brightness, low in calories, low in energy consumption, and have a life span of 100,000 hours.

LED lights have a variety of wires: black, dark green and transparent, with more VDE and UL certification lines.

The extension of the male joint and the extension of the mother's joint may be connected according to the need.

When the male and female joints are connected, it is equipped with a waterproof rubber ring to protect the water from the rain.

The light bulb and the electric wire are welded, the welding parts are double insulated and coated with sealant to prevent rain water.

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