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LED Street Light Price Is The Mastermind Behind The Market Or Factory?

- Aug 27, 2016 -

For any enterprise from the production of products or goods are necessary to get the corresponding profits, so a lot of manufacturers in price, considering the production cost price this is a more complex process, the LED street lamp manufacturers in the early stage of the price, also encountered such a problem, or when making LED lights price will consider many prices.

Price is the lowest limit cost is marketing, marketing price has a great influence to the enterprise. LED street light price cost is made up of the product cost in the process of production and circulation of material and the labor compensation of the government. It generally consists of regulation cost and variable cost of two. Fixed costs do not change of proportion along with the change of production, enterprise profit initial point can only after the price of the average variable cost compensation of cumulative balance is equal to the entire cost of the fixed cost. Obviously, the LED street light price cost accounting is the enterprise profit and loss of critical point, the LED street lamp sales is greater than the product cost when corporate profit, it is possible to form the counter is at a loss.

Supply and demand of the LED street light price is one of the basic elements. In general, when the demand is less than the supply of a commodity, the enterprise product marketing price may be higher, on the other hand, may be lower; When supply and demand are basically identical, commodity prices in the enterprise market marketing, are for the buyer and the seller can accept "equilibrium". In addition, in the supply and demand, the enterprise product marketing price is affected by the elasticity of supply and demand. Generally speaking, the big demand price elasticity of commodity the marketing price is relatively low, two commodities demand price elasticity is small, the market prices are relatively high.

Competition is one of the important factors that affect the price of LED street lamp pricing, in the process of practical marketing, predominantly competitors pricing method basically has 3 kinds: one is the price lower than competitors. 2 it is same price with competitors; Three is high and competitors' prices. Exactly what competitive price. This basically see enterprise in network marketing, compared with other competitors in a kind of relative position.

In LED street light price marketing case, in addition to the above three main factors of marketing combination of other factors, such as products, distribution channels, promotions, consumer psychological factor, the scale of the enterprise itself, financial situation and national policy, etc., will be different degrees of influence on enterprise's marketing price.

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