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LED The Lamp That Shield An Eye Please LED The Lamp That Shield An Eye To Choose Methods

- Dec 06, 2016 -

For the children can have a good learning environment, parents in the preparation of desk chair at the same time, little also not, of course, an appropriate the lamp that shield an eye products, what kind of the lamp that shield an eye is better? Led the lamp that shield an eye?

Led the lamp that shield an eye

Led the lamp that shield an eye is with led (Light Emitting Diode) is energy-saving the lamp that shield an eye of light-emitting Diode as Light source, led is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into Light. Led the lamp that shield an eye to increase the low frequency to high frequency flash, destroy the light of tube twinkle accelerate to thousands of times per second, or even tens of thousands of times, the nerve response rate of flicker faster than the human eye, the eye will feel flicker, thus play a protective role to the eyes.

1: environmental protection lamps and lanterns
The traditional fluorescent lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. But don't use mercury, led fluorescent lamp and led products do not contain lead, also to the environment protection. The led fluorescent lamp recognized as the twenty-first century green lighting.

2: produce less heat, high energy utilization rate

Traditional lamps and lanterns is after the light will produce large amounts of heat energy, reduces the utilization of energy, and the heat generated by the led lamps and lanterns is in the process of light rarely (small power leds chip do the heat generated by the smaller, safe to touch hands and don't feel hot) electricity to light conversion rate of close to 100%, not cause waste of energy. And the file, can have protective clothing, won't appear like a regular light clothes fade phenomenon of files.

3: there is no noise

Led lamps and lanterns is does not produce noise, for the occasion of using precision electronic instruments as well. Suitable for the library, such as office.

4: protect your eyes,

Traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so can produce 100-120 times per second the stroboscope, stroboscopic effect will cause visual fatigue, migraine, fatigue and damage to the eyes, in our country after 80 s, T8 ZhiGuanXing (inductive) fluorescent lamp, widely used in family, school, library, etc., the growing small and medium-sized students suffer greatly, decreased vision, myopia increased significantly. Led lamps and lanterns is to convert alternating current (ac) directly to dc, no stroboscopic won't produce flashing phenomenon, protect your eyes.

5: no mosquitoes

Will not produce ultraviolet led lamps and lanterns, so you don't like the traditional lamps and lanterns, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. Indoor become more clean and tidy.

6: wide working voltage, between 85 v and 265 v voltage all can work normally

The traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the release of the high voltage rectifier, cannot light up when the voltage reduction. And the led lamps and lanterns can light within a range of voltage, also can adjust the brightness.

7: save electricity long service life

Led fluorescent lamp power consumption is under a third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, the life also is 10 times more than traditional fluorescent lamp, can use for a long time without replacement, reduce the labor cost. More suitable for hard to replace.

8: strong strong

Led lamp body itself is used rather than the traditional glass epoxy resin, more solid, easy to long-distance transportation, even smashed on the floor and the led will not be easily damaged, it is safe to use, also can avoid the ordinary sunlight in the long-distance transportation of fragile phenomenon.

Led the lamp that shield an eye to choose methods

1, appearance quality,

Ideal reading light source should have close to natural light, no stroboscopic light, brightness is adjustable 4 to 6 gears and uniform illumination, etc. In addition, the product ZhunChanZheng, quality inspection, and other documents to complete

2, color temperature value

Lamp luminous color temperature value determines the degree of light is downy, high and low are not good, is suitable for 4000 k to 5200 k. 4000 k to 4500 k is slightly red eye lights line, more soft, suitable for primary school students; And 4500 k to 5200 k color temperature value is suitable for middle school students and its older customers to use.

3, after-sales service

In today's new light source technology is more and more advanced, the use of led the lamp that shield an eye, the maintenance method is particularly important, therefore preferred to choose when buying famous brands and products of more than 100 yuan. In upon, the manufacturer will demonstrate on the spot, explanation, until the consumer grasp and understand the usage, and well-known brands have plenty of spare parts, such as lamp, to ensure that a rainy day.

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