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LED The Listed Company's Share Price Rose Broadly, Filament Lamp Market

- Sep 08, 2016 -

The incandescent light bulb comprehensive delisting positive impetus, LED related listed company's share price rose broadly in an all-round way, today the Chinese star, bdo embellish, fly photoelectric, such as dry as photoelectric stocks peatlands harden.

According to the national development and reform commission published "China sales roadmap (draft)", from October 1, 2016 to ban the import and sale more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. This is eliminated the last stage of the incandescent roadmap also means incandescent lamp on October 1, will be completely withdraw from the market.

High yield research institute (GGII) according to the latest figures, the LED in the first half of 2016 the incandescent light bulb cumulative production amounted to 2.012 billion, and after October 1, the vast majority of incandescent lamp products exit.

According to the current more than 15 w and replace incandescent bulbs, LED ball steep light market prices will add nearly 50 billion yuan each year to replace the market demand.

The personage inside course of study says, as the incandescent light bulb out of the important time points near and LED lighting products market acceptance tend to be more mature, in 2016 China's urban lighting or peak will usher in a wave of replacement LED lights.

LED technology update already beyond the requirements

In recent years, China and the world's governments phased out introduced incandescent lamp, LED LED market penetration rising fast.

Especially the traditional lighting of LED business accounted for the rapid rise, become the most direct data LED to replace the market feedback.

Sun lighting half annual report released (600621), in the first half of the company business income is 2.126 billion yuan, increased by 11.92%, compared to the same implementation net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 218 million yuan, up 22.01% from a year earlier, revenue and net income continues to maintain steady growth.

Among them, the LED product revenue was 1.74 billion yuan, up 39.71% year on year, income accounted for 82.78%, the traditional energy-saving lamps products revenue was 362 million yuan, down 42.74% year on year, revenue accounted for 17.22%.

In addition, including foshan lighting, leishi lighting, opple traditional lighting companies, such as LED revenue proportion is generally more than fifty percent. The personage inside course of study says, "with the incandescent lamp, in the final stage of time, incandescent lamp market will basically be replaced completely."

For companies, does that mean the rapid outbreak of new market demand in the short term?

Sun lighting's general manager Chen said, this is an act of the government's public opinion guide for companies don't have much material, the influence of production of ascension is market behavior.

In his view, the LED obvious advantages, so the market actually already has begun to gradually replaced. Due to the policy, early has not only to the implementation stage, so now won't have too big impact.

At the same time, the LED is not the same as the previous traditional lighting products, LED technology progress beyond the market demand of the node.

The past traditional lighting products is to rely on policies to promote, product technology will go forward. But LED lighting, because it is electronic product properties, technology changes have come in front of the policy.

Or market continues to drive the filament lamp

In the year to June 2016, lighting industry exports of $17.65 billion, compared to the same period last year dropped 14.1%, this is the last five years, industry negative growth for the first time.

In all export products, exports of ordinary incandescent light bulbs, lighting products almost flat with the same period of last year, there was no significant decline.

The filament lamp can achieve the effect of ambient light, and appearance similar to the traditional tungsten filament lamp, of archaize style, popular with European and American consumers on the market, provider is pay.

Incandescent lamp in Europe and the developed countries more left early, can directly replace the incandescent lamp energy saving products for consumers in Europe and the United States needs more urgent, so Chinese companies receive LED lamp filament order mostly from Europe and the United States.

This is also directly contributing to hot filament lamp market continue during the first half of the year. Some overseas retail channel large "players" to enter the market, such as ikea, home depot, wal-mart and other large stores have begun to set foot in filament lamp this subdivision category.

High yield research institute of LED (GGII) statistics show that in 2015 the global LED lamp filament market demand of only 70 million, 2016 global LED lamp filament demand is expected to reach 220 million, up 367% from a year earlier, the next three years, with the promotion LED filament lamp automatic production level, production will rise quickly.

As a fist products instead of traditional incandescent lamp market, the future LED lamp filament market scale will reach 8 billion yuan.

At home and abroad in recent years, companies have cut into the market, in addition to philips, osram, GE, such as wood Tomlinson, a consortium of domestic sunshine lighting, foshan lighting, Shanghai yaming, pu ears, hon optoelec, sulincy HangKe photoelectric, stars, source lei technology and LED lighting factory or packaging companies are entering LED lamp filament and produce more in related field.

In march, wood Tomlinson acquisition of the country's largest LED illuminant, shearing era of filament lamp manufacturers data showed the ultra light 2015 times the business income is 428 million yuan. Previously, wood Tomlinson has been developing a new generation of LED crystal announced in hand electricity full ambient light filament bulbs.

"Three years ago, we embarked on a filament lamp products for layout, then we have to consider, to end joint chip, finished product manufacturers, thus combining the advantage of wood Tomlinson encapsulation, constitute a across the chip, encapsulation, again to the finished product of filament lamp product roadmap." Wood Tomlinson Lin Jiliang executive general manager said.

From the point of export growth, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Poland and other European countries growth significantly, that conforms to the European people feelings Chinese LED lamp filament has received people's cognition of Europe, the market acceptance of rapid ascension.

Excitation test detection, 'says chang hung, a deputy general manager for the American market, in the past few years the filament lamp exports is not very big, the product safety and performance is also the focus of consumers.

But as filament technology gradually become mature, and can do mass production, at the same time, the price has dropped to the extent to which is accepted by the market, is expected in the next market demand will continue to ascend.

"The purpose of the filament lamp are also constantly expanding, not only replace the market in general lighting, and decoration fields, mainly applied to the high-end commercial place. For these businesses, can accept the price." Crystal Song Dong tyco electronics vice President said.

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