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LED Underwater Light Features

- Jun 13, 2015 -

LED high power underwater lamp with high power LED for light emitting element, a new generation of green-tech lighting products.

LED high power underwater stunning underwater projection capability, illuminating the surface can be brilliant color, particularly suitable for exposure to water, as well as walls, exhibits brush color.

LED high power underwater lamp with red, green and blue 9 LED high power and high brightness, each LED is equipped with a condenser lens, exposure up to 12 metres, through the controller's control, can produce 256*256*256,16777216 color of light transform, produces a variety of patterns, the surface presents a colorful State, colorful scene.

LED high power underwater lamp made of aluminum alloy precision casting, waterproof design, surface rust, corrosion-resistant coating, protection grade Ip68, can adapt to the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, immersion depth of 5 meters. Excellent signal transmission performance, lighting distances up to 30 m away from the controller does not affect the normal work. 350mA constant current driven design, ensure LED work without attenuation.

LED high power underwater lamp lamp diameter 155 mm, height 130 mm, adjustable projection angle up to 180 °, the base has a dedicated installation holes, positioning, in the construction is extremely simple to install.

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