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LED White Light

- Jan 17, 2017 -

White light is a new kind of green lighting, energy conservation and environmental protection is a kind of visible light, belongs to the cold light source, widely used in road construction monitoring absorb the motor of the license plate number of past bayonet mount cameras in auxiliary lighting, parking lot entrances for village auxiliary lighting camera records in and out of the motor of the license plate number, due to the camera at night in the white light of the lamp auxiliary lighting cases, intake of the image is color, so the camera can also be used in the enterprises and institutions the gate auxiliary lighting, especially suitable for single color with camera systems.

The basic content

White light, also called license plate lamp is camera plate auxiliary light source LED white light and white light lamp array type, LED white light life is only 6 months, attenuation.

White light using new white light LED ARRAY ARRAY type lighting chip inside each black spots is a LED lamp, and a single brightness is higher than common LED lamp brightness, longer life. LED ARRAY ARRAY white light lamps and lanterns has the following features:

1, high brightness, a single LED ARRAY of optical output is about 3000 mw, 3000 mw - brightness is about conventional single LED the optical output of 5-15, 300 mw, so product irradiation distance and high resolution.

2, small volume: new white light LED LED ARRAY is a highly integrated, so the volume under the same brightness index a lot smaller than other white light products.

3, picture well: new white light LED ARRAY lights to power half Angle of 10 ° to 120 ° (variable Angle), can produce (180 °), in the shape of a shiny surface, solve the ordinary LED interior space is not evenly illuminated and on both sides of the middle of the night vision image formation is too bright and too dark "flashlight effect".

4, long service life: new service life of the LED ARRAY infrared light for 50000 h (useful life is 10000 h), than the ordinary LED a life expectancy of 60000 h (useful life is 1200 h) is 9 times higher.

5, high efficiency: ordinary white LED electro-optic conversion efficiency was only about 10 or so, and a new design of the infrared light source, LED ARRAY with special electro-optical conversion efficiency promoted to 25 or so.

How to pick the LED fluorescent lamp

Led fluorescent lamp [5] is very professional, average person points not clear, the 5 action to tell you, don't instrument can choose led bulb

1, packaging and labelling

National mandatory product LED lighting manufacturers in the packaging of the following: the rated voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In the general case, print high quality products of good quality and legible, not easy to fall off, with a soft wet cloth to wipe, mark clear, manufacturer's trademarks and related certification marks.

2, see the appearance of leds

The real LED fluorescent lamp. From the point of view of the lamp, the lamp of the shape and size of better and more consistent, good consistency of product, quality assurance is more easy. Of course, there can be no cracks appearance, interface between loose. Leds must choose that kind of engineering plastics flame retardant PC plastic shell. Ordinary plastic deformation and flammable, aluminum tube must be bright, aviation aluminum.

3, working temperature

LED fluorescent lamp during normal operation, the temperature should be low. Otherwise, the service life of LED lamp is very short. At the same time, energy-saving lamps light up when the rapid flashing or very demanding, quality problems that energy-saving lamps. Electricity after a few minutes, there should be a temperature, heat dissipation is good, with the aluminum plate heat dissipation. There is no temperature, glass fiber board, the heat dispersion.

4, the startup performance

LED fluorescent lamp, start a characteristic: the electricity that is bright, won't shine.

5, weighing, measuring the weight of heavy better than light, heavy material with good.

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