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Leds + Wireless Expander Creative Combination Of Performance?

- Aug 31, 2016 -

Now the WiFi terminal around us is becoming more and more, so for WiFi network performance and covered in the home also put forward higher requirements, but for a large family room or duplex netizens, even bought the top wireless router, or may be in the home wireless blind Angle. , by contrast, if choose a wireless expander, even if the home wireless router is not particularly high, also can have significant effect of the wireless signal coverage.

Sengled Boost bulbs wireless extensions

You remember when we were in recently to introduce you to a quite innovative wireless expander - Sengled Boost bulbs? Yes, that is both leds and wireless expander innovative products. Then the practical experience and the ability of wireless extensions how? To see the foreign media measured.

Contrast ordinary LED bulbs

First of all, you can see, the Boost bulbs itself than the average LED bulbs, because it has a built-in wi-fi chip, antenna and other hardware equipment. But it also USES the standard bulb interface, so are suitable for all kinds of home environment.

Boost the application of the bulbs is also very simple, first install it in the light of the socket, then phone to download APP, match after the download is complete, open the APP, you can search the Boostbulb WiFi signals.

Search to Boost after the WiFi signal bulbs, the user can be associated Settings, such as the SSID and password set to agree with home wireless router, can complete the development work of the wireless network.

Now let's see the Boost bulbs actual wireless extensions performance. To be sure, the Boost bulbs currently only expand 11 n, g wireless network, so the highest wireless transmission rate only 300 MBPS.

In the actual test, we put in the sitting room, wireless router and then use the Boost door light bulbs to replace the door has a common wall between (cut off), at this point the measured outside the outdoor garden to wireless performance over 5 MB/s, expanding the wireless performance is pretty good.

Taken together, the Boost bulbs is a flexible application of wireless extensions, and also provides the LED lighting, plus 39.99 pounds of price, the overall performance is good still!

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